First Post

Welcome to ThoughtLess. I will be driving this site with my thoughts and observations of whats going on in the world during the rest of the quarantine and hopefully beyond. This will be my first crack at writing and organizing my thoughts on an online platform. Maybe you’ll like it.

I am a 21 year old college junior. From Boston, MA, I moved to Bloomington Indiana for school and am on track to obtain a degree in marketing from the Kelley School of Business- whatever that means. I think I’m pretty normal in terms of an upbringing and college experience and want to use this blog as a way to not only give my jumbled thoughts on things going on in the world, but also comment on all things from sports, news, and politics to hopefully some people that will actually be interested in what I have to say.

Now I realize that I am pretty insignificant. And its not like I have huge credibility in anything that I am talking about. I don’t think that I have the answers to much but I also know that projecting my thoughts and ideas is important to continue the progression (or regression) of the human race.

I fall in Generation Z (now known as Generation Zoom) and think that with my east coast upbringing with my midwest understanding I have a pretty good and clear idea of what is going on, even if I’m not great at portraying that to everyone.

I don’t have thousands of followers on social media, I can’t go viral for however hard I try, and I don’t like making original videos cause I’m as awkward as fuck.

But, what I think I do know is that I, and everyone who is honest with themselves, know absolutely nothing.

I watch, read, and listen to a ton of content. I have no convictions about what I will listen to. Left or right, serious or satire, I try to take in every opinion and outlook on a situation and do my best to put those into internal thoughts. I’m hoping I will take what I see on a daily basis, put it on this blog, and then hopefully catch some eyeballs.

This might be disorganized, it might be boring, and it might plain suck. But hopefully some stories will come out of it and I can use this as a way to connect with some new people and get real, 21st century ideas and thoughts into the internet.

Again, please feel free to hop on for the ride.

Thanks and follow me on social – @jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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