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So I’m not even a published site into writing this thing and I already have no clue what to write about. I wanted to give some thoughts on the NFL draft but then I realized that 1) no one cares, and 2) its not only too late but I don’t really know enough to give a fair take about what teams did (but I love the Isaiah Simmons pick for the Cardinals). So I’m stuck at trying to create a niche of things that people are curious about that I can then use to my advantage.

Currently, this is a website of Creed Thoughts, but I want them to be my thoughts. Less talk and more walk. I think the biggest hurdle is thinking that people are actually gonna care about what I say. Or I guess more that they will care enough to say something to me, which they probably wont.

Maybe I’ll be good at this.

I’ve been thinking about what my target audience would be and I wanna appeal to people who are naturally drawn to sports and pop culture. Not saying that I’ll be talking any X’s and O’s but more of the Dave Portnoy view on whats trending, whats interesting, and maybe what I find funny.

I am for sure a Stoolie and have been following Barstool since I was in middle school. That site has had a huge effect on my social upbringing and perspective on the world. Go Pres go. I want to mirror what Barstool does for my blog because they have been the voice of the common man for the past 15 years and as the next generation of internet personalities begin to enter the real world I can follow and comment on what they do.

I want you to be my target audience because you can get on a journey with me to find this voice in a new age of online and digital.

I’m not saying blogging is new because its definitely isn’t. But what is new, I believe, is the idea of everyone needing to have some sort of vehicle to spread their own message and personal brand is vital to the success of their careers. Most people do this from regular social media sites, but I like to interact with people who want to interact with me.

So when I write about things it’s going to be my commentary of what is, or should be, going on in my life and the world around me. I hope people can see a growth or progression of my ideas and actions and they coincide with the success (or decline) of this project. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.


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