Imagining Little 5 Race Day

“The greatest college week in America” – thats the hype that IU’s Little 500 gets across the country. Today is supposed to be the peak of that week that is the 200 lap bike race raising money for the IU Student Foundation. It also has the biggest college parties in the entire country.

It’s on days like this you can just feel it in the air. Big game energy. Everyone knows that there is only 1 thing going on and its the only thing people care about. From legitimately 10am onwards kids just rinse liquor till they can’t speak or stand.

What makes Little 5 so unique? It’s like a bonus college football homecoming Saturday. But the tailgate is for something that is solely with the school itself. It’s the Indiana difference. It’s also right before the semester ends and its literally one of the last times you can take advantage of college and Bloomington before the summer. It’s a full week of drinking and partying simply because us and those before us decided to make it that. The greatest college week in America.

Damn I miss college. The quarantine has me feeling like before I got my license in high school. We’ll bounce back. Not sure how long it’ll take but Freedom will prevail. It always does.



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