CoffeeLess – 4/29

Good Morning and welcome to the first edition of CoffeeLess. This will be a morning rundown of whats going on in a shorter, better capacity. The name is a work in progress.

NCAA Compensation

The NCAA has officially begun to take steps in allowing college athletes to receive compensation for endorsements and promotions. This is a weird, but big step in the decommunization of college sports that presumably will grant top athletes at top schools to start getting paid legally from corporations that are already making millions of dollars off their likeness.

No one knows how this is going to exactly play out, but initial response online seems to think this could open the door for a NCAA Football game relaunch on the Xbox/PlayStation. That’d be cool.

Elon Musk is All of Us

Last night the electric car guru tweeted out a message for the world to see. “FREE AMERICA NOW” he exclaimed in all caps. In other news Elon gives no caps.

The nationwide lockdowns have persisted for now over a month resulting in about 30million people unemployed and staggering reductions in the US economy and GDP. Elon, one of the smartest men of his generation, has taken a stand with many other Americans who realize that the longer these stay at home orders remain in place, the more harm than good they actually do.

It was important to flatten the curve of this virus, but almost all data points to a plateau in cases across the country. However, this goal wasn’t to also flatten, and then tremendously reduce the curve of our economy. People are out of jobs and glimpses of an authoritarian state are popping up over the country. Elon seems to understand most things better than most people, and I think this time is no different.

Bill De Blasio Singles Out the Jews

The ogre eyed fuck down in the City of New York decided to chew up the constitution and spit it on one of the most unjustly persecuted religious groups in history last night by singling out the Jewish people of New York City and threatening their right to assemble with arrests.

Everyone is scared during this time and to threaten arrests because groups gathered to practice religion or attend the funeral of a rabbi is disgusting and anti-Semitic.

Bill de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to go to crowded bars the weekend of St. Patricks Day as a way to oppose health officials’ guidelines because no matter what he might say now, just like most people he thought this was just a bad flu.

He should apologize and resign immediately.

Dave Finale is Tonight at 10pm

The best thing to come out of quarantine has been every Wednesday night with a new episode of the TV series “Dave” on FX at 10pm. Lil’ Dicky, Dave Burd, has given his fans an insight into what seems to be a semi-real recreation of his rise in the rap/hip hop community.

If you haven’t seen this show I cannot recommend it enough. Subtle innuendos and callbacks create a layered and clever comedic experience while the acting is truthfully awesome to watch. The show has had interesting character’s growth and great cameos – from Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Young Thug to many others.

LD has been hyping up this finale a ton on his social media (as you would expect) and I can’t wait to see where this final episode goes. I honestly believe this is one of the best 30minute tv shows I have ever seen.

Hopefully it gets renewed for a new season and Dave can continue to gift his talents to the world.

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