This Weeks Survivor Preview

Episode 12

Winners at War continues tonight and it will be hard to top last weeks episode. Tony completely dominated last week by finding an idol, getting himself out of extortion, winning immunity, and then pulling of a great blindside of Sophie.

Tony has been electric all season long and as someone who is now just jumping back into Survivor I am beginning to see how smart this dude really is. At first I thought he was a head case who for sure wouldn’t make it to merge but now I can see that this guy has a complete grasp on what the best way to play this game is. Tony is great at taking a step back to see the entire landscape of the field and picking off those who are most vulnerable. He knows complacency kills and is the least complacent of the entire tribe.

However, in last weeks’ preview, it showed a argument between Tony and Sarah in which she seemed to scold him for this play. Tony and Sarah are supposed to have a secret alliance but obviously Sarah feels that that has been breached with her closest partner being sent home, with an idol in her pocket, on a blindside from Tony.

She might be looking for revenge but if theres one thing that this season has shown its that stealth has been the strongest attribute to each tribal attack and a loud, direct game has typically resulted with you being left out of the vote. So far I thought Sarah was playing a great game and has a great chance to be there right at the end with them. Unless this is some TV editing magic from the producers it seems that this won’t be the case and Sarah will be on thinner ice than she already is for tonight and possibly the next few episodes.

I really like Michelle’s game. Although she seems in the minority every week she has relatively kept her name clean and has been effective in making proper moves to stay alive. She is for sure a sleeper but still is a long shot among the top tiered dogs on the island.

Also, there has to be another player to emerge as a true threat to Tony. Tony seems like he’s thriving while everyone else is surviving. But, the paranoia that Tony seems to never let go of is why he is the favorite to win the $2million right now. A lot can change in a few weeks, especially with another player coming back from extinction to stir up the pot.

Nick and Jeremy are somehow still alive. 2 weeks ago Jeremy made the great move by playing his advantage at tribal but last week it was Tony’s desire to add this blindside to his resume that kept Jeremy on the boat. He’ll be another target this week and unless he can break though in another immunity challenge he’ll have to hope he can stay on the right side of the vote. Nick, on the other hand, has been a good sidekick to Tony and is probably Tony’s closest ally at this point. Although that doesn’t mean much it does leave the door open for someone to try and influence him into turning on Tony and getting him on a blindside.

I think if there is someone to infiltrate that successfully it’ll either be Sarah this week or Kim in general. Kim has been on the precipice of big moves all season and I think she’s close to a breakthrough. But, going after the guy who is clearly on top now, who also has a idol that no one knows about is an insanely risky move that Kim might try to create a coalition to pull off just because of the power that Tony holds right now.

That leaves Ben and Denise as the remaining members who have both played good games but have been dry bread TV. Denise had her moment with Sandra but then has gone back to being low key since. Ben is overall just annoying. I think either of them could be the result of an “easy vote” episode but as we’ve seen this season these players don’t think like that so it probably will not happen. Ben is definitely a challenge threat to Tony and we already know Jeremy hates him so he’s my official prediction to go home this week. At this point in the game it could really only take 3 votes to send someone home so every player will be walking on eggshells.

I’m terrible at predictions so Ben is probably going to win immunity challenge and pull off a blindside this week.

I’m still waiting for someone to creatively use the fire tokens. There has to be some deeper or more effective use to them because money is power in more ways than we know, but it seems that they’ve only been used for the generic uses. Denise trended towards this when she voted off Sandra, but these coins open up the door for new types of corruption and collusion in the game that players haven’t yet pulled off. I’m sure it will continue to evolve as it goes on but I want credit for when someone creates the first Survivor Ponzi scheme.


I’m not sure when the next extinction challenge will be but hopefully it’s soon. Natalie and Amber have both been on that island for a long time and we’ve already seen the hardships that Ethan has had to go through during his time. Hopefully not, especially after seeing the families 2 weeks ago, but I could see someone putting up the white flag in this episode. Or using fire tokens buy some luxury that would definitely be better spent on an idol or advantage to get back in the game.

I’d still love to see Boston Rob somehow come back and win the game but that’s extremely unlikely. My favorite to come back and maybe make a late push for the winner’s circle is Wendell.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tonight and what deranged things they have these winners do. Survivor is great reality TV and I am looking forward to covering the rest of the show from here on out with ThoughtLess Magazine.

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