Ideas to get me on Shark Tank pt. I – The iLicense

Disclaimer: Any ideas presented in this blog post is under the intellectual property of Jack Lesser and the ThoughtLess Brand. Any ideas taken from this series is subject to litigation and legal pursuit will be taken. This is a joke but not really.

Shark Tank is currently my favorite show on Television. It’s entertaining, inspiring, and often eye opening. Throughout 11 seasons hundreds of entrepreneurs have helped continue the American Dream and achieve their lifetime goals of obtaining some of the savviest and smartest investors in the world.

I am going to begin this series of blogs with ideas that come to mind that hopefully I will one day get to pitch in the Tank. This is basically a dart board to throw at and hope my tangled thoughts can be ironed out into something worth millions.

So, my first idea that I want to pitch to the Sharks is a revolution to the Identification business. All too often do we forget to bring our driver’s license to the bar or restaurant that we are going to, or realize that right after we left our house and get in our cars that we left our wallet on our dresser resulting in no wallet to cary for that day.

This problem has been solved with the wallet on your phone, but what good is tap to pay for your after work drink if you can’t get served anyways? That’s why I begin the iLicense.

A true story: In November of 2019 I was going out to dinner to meet my girlfriends parents. Obviously there is a ton of pressure going into this situation. The fact that didn’t help was this was a college football Saturday and I spent the entirety of the day tailgating and drinking with my friends. Going to the Tap in Bloomington I hopped in a Uber, picked up my girlfriend, and we went to the restaurant. Once we arrived I literally took a step out of the car and realized I had made a fatal mistake. Immediately I patted my pockets and exclaimed “shit!”

I forgot my wallet. It was so embarrassing. There was nothing else I could do. My girlfriend didn’t want to leave her parents waiting and I was the idiot who left his wallet in his apartment. I had to then call an Uber home, grab my wallet and license, and then go back. An ultimate waste of money and time.

Luckily, I performed well (enough) at the dinner and we were able to put this mishap past us. But, I couldn’t help but realize that there was a huge opportunity that could be grasped with this bonehead mistake. I thought about pleading to the bouncer to let me in, but obviously he wasn’t going to let an unidentified person who literally just turned 21 into his bar.

Why couldn’t I prove to him my identity? Shouldn’t there be a way that I can easily tell someone who I am that is current with the times. No one forgets their phone before they leave the house. But a wallet? It happens all the time.

Or even worse, after a long night of drinking, how often could you or one of your friends lose their wallets and then go through all the troubles of going to the DMV to get a newly issued license and credit cards.

Thats where the iLicense comes in.

This would be the best, easiest way to ensure you are always carrying around your ID. Using the unique # on your license you can authenticate your driver’s license into the Wallet app on your phone. This allows you to easily have a way to verify your ID and eliminates the need of carrying around your bulky wallet, or worrying about losing your ID.

Sharks would have opportunities to get this product in line with state governments and issue real ID’s through tech, then the the iLicense can be the most accessible way to identify yourself in the world.

You can only imagine the opportunities this will have so wanna make a deal?


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