Fox Business Requests My Guidance with their Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall

With a user submitted question, of course. Sadly, News Corps’ execs have not asked me for my analysis on the coronavirus pandemic and how to lead the nation out of this crisis. Yet.

However, about 2 weeks ago I submitted a question to be asked when they had the mogul Mark Cuban on as a Town Hall contributor. But, they didn’t get back to me until this morning when a producer at Fox Business emailed me to see if I can send a video of me asking a question to the panel. This Town Hall will have the co-founders of the Home Depot answering the questions so I guess thats a decent consolation.

Now, I haven’t recorded my question yet but I need to make sure that I make the most of my ~30 second debut on television. I’m for sure going to bulk up my mustache and maybe I’ll play it simple with an Indiana tshirt. But, I want to get my blog or social media broadcasted somehow. I’m thinking of ways to do this whether I put a sticky note on my wall or maybe tattoo it on my forehead. That’s the biggest obstacle because I also don’t want them to trash the question. So it needs to be subtle.

Make sure to tune in to the Fox Business Virtual Town Hall this Thursday with Ken Langone and Bernie Marcus. I believe Neil Cavuto will be moderating the show.

I’ve long said this face deserved to be on TV so let’s have this be my big break.



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