A Boogie is the Rapper of Quarantine

I know this is a week old but this dude is so goddam cool and this video should have like at least 2 million views. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie takes 20 minutes to just play absolute bangers while showing off an unreal yard. A great watch and a better vibe.

A Boogie doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his work in the industry. I’m not gonna pretend like I pay too much attention to new music coming out but everything this guy has is fire and I think he deserves a ton more respect. High Bridge the Label is one of the more impressive things for new rappers today and the fact that he retains and owns his work just shows that he’s a level above all these new guys who are too worried about clout on social media.

The Netflix documentary Rapture goes in detail about A Boogie and his come up with HBTL and I can’t recommend it enough. His journey from the Bronx is another amazing story of an NYC rapper that was able to break through and make it big.

Personally, I like music where the artist can explain multiple layers to the beats and lyrics and this guy for sure has all of that.

After all, he is an artist.


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