Fox Business Rejects My Guidance with their Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall

So on Tuesday a Producer for Fox Business’ Thursday Town Hall reached out to me asking for a question for today’s panel. I was jacked up. I have never been on TV and thought that my question could be used to not only spark good conversation about college tuition costs, especially during this pandemic, but also open future doors to me being on tv (that second part is a 1/2 joke). I wrote the blog about me being on the Town Hall and yes told a bunch of my friends that they should be on the lookout for me being on TV. Whoops. Big L.

But today at 1pm I tuned into Neil Cavutto and his guests Ken Langone and Bernie Marcus. I knew these guys founded the Home Depot but I guess what I didn’t know is that the Home Depot must be at least 100 years old cause these guys were ancient. There was no way they could answer a question about what a college kids could do financially during this time. Or how school administrators have been inflating tuition costs for years only to see that bubble ready to burst with this newfound ability of online education! I should have known right away that these guys can’t answer anything about the current state of our education costs.

It’s not their fault they are just too far removed. But, I kept out hope and basically snoozed through the hour broadcast. It turned out to be a massive waste of time as they kinda just rambled on about entrepreneurship and how the government will continue to fail us. Their words not mine. They may have had some solid points but it wasn’t any groundbreaking insight.

I’m sorry to my fans who thought they were going to see me on live TV, I am just as disappointed as you are. I’m still holding out hope that Fox Business does another town hall with someone who is more apt to answer this question because I do think that it’s a legitimate question students should be asking. I guess the solid thing is the producers have my video and if they ever do try to tackle some questions about college education costs they can always have me come on for the conversation.

I wish they didn’t lead me on like that though. It kinda hurt.


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