The NYC Subway Got Cleaned

Yesterday the New York City subway system got cleaned for the first time in 115 years! That is wild. And disgusting.

There is a challenge I heard about during quarantine that is called the “100 Hour Challenge” The premise of the challenge is to go 100 hours without showering. I’m not gonna say how long I lasted in the challenge (the beauty of it is it restarts every time you take a shower) but regardless once you get past like a 1/4 of the time you start to feel dirty. Now obviously the parallel of washing a subway car and yourself is not as straight as it may seem but still, you get my point. 115 years. That means the last time they were cleaned was 1905, and that is before the last global pandemic. That is absolutely insane.

All these politicians saying “We’re gonna clean up our city!” maybe should’ve taken a more literal approach. I mean 115 years is a stupid amount of time. I guess here I am giving the campaign slogan to the next mayor of New York.

If you put this 115 year statistic into baseball terms, there would have to be a disclaimer that the last cleaning happened before the live ball era. I mean how is this just happening now?

Absolute insanity.

There will be some good things to come out of this pandemic. Sanitation is definitely one of those things and it is important that we don’t lose track of how we can come out of this better than we were before. I mean New York has always been the brunt of gross city jokes but this is just a whole ‘nother level that city officials should see and be embarrassed about. Clean up America – literally!


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