No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws, Except For Social Distancing Mandates

White Claw 70 comes in new flavors.

White Claw announced their new summer flavors this morning – Pineapple and Clementine – and they must be one of the biggest losers in terms of clout gained with the social distancing and lockdowns. Nothing sounds quite as good as a ice cold claw on a roof deck in the city, but the likelihood of that happening to the scale it would’ve pre-corona times seems extremely, extremely unlikely.

Alcohol sales have been doing very well since the lockdowns, because what else are we to do besides hop on a Zoom happy hour and pretend to not be drinking by ourselves? However, the bulk orders that bars and restaurants now won’t be putting in has to hurt the bottom line of these alcohol companies at some point in the near future I’d assume. These alcohol companies will be fine overall but for the time being these are opportunities lost.

But Claws, and other spiked seltzers, have become the new social drink among young adults in the country. They are easy to get down, low calorie, and they still get you absolutely banged up. I imagine this summer would have been beach and pool party galore with just cases of seltzers flowing everywhere, every weekend.

The famous line is that there are no laws when drinking claws, and that probably will remain true. But can we socially distance the no laws legacy? I think so and can’t wait to see how we do – we’re ready for summer and ready interact again.

H/t Kendal for the news.



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