Ideas to Get me On Shark Tank pt. II – The Study Group

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Disclaimer: Any ideas presented in this blog post is under the intellectual property of Jack Lesser and the ThoughtLess Brand. Any ideas taken from this series is subject to litigation and legal pursuit will be taken. This is a joke but not really.

Enter The Tank

Part 2. What am I pitching today? Well this is something that I recently thought of and am still working out the kinks. I would love some help on this idea because I this is one that I think could actually be a pretty big network for students and teachers to leverage.

I also have no experience in programming or coding so with any technical idea that I have in this series I’ll need some type of partner who can handle these things.

So without further ado: The Study Group

The Pitch

We’re back Sharks! This time with an idea for an app that gives students the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and study to ace their exams. Welcome to The Study Group.

This the premier social networking application for students. Made by students, for students, finally we will have a centralized place to share notes, study guides, and go over concepts related to different classes. It’s the app we will want to use, socialize with, and actually learn lecture material at the same time.

With the ability to join groups, connect with friends, study flash cards, and even bounce ideas off of strangers, the Study Group is like an online library that can allow students to really gain a positive study experience for their upcoming tests and assignments. College courses have been using the same curriculum for years so why isn’t there a library in how to best succeed in each course? It’s finally time to get past the paywalls of Chegg and CourseHero, and begin the Study Group. Pick a subject and use the power of groups and collaboration find the best way of obtaining this information. Our app is free is available to anyone to use it to learn.

The main point of differentiation from the current competitors on the market is the use of user’s original content and gamification to help explain different problems and concepts. Whether its a short comparison/analogy that could fit in a Twitter thread, a minute explanation or demonstration video like those uploaded to TikTok, or a meme or diagram like on Instagram, there is a huge opportunity for students to learn and even teach subjects in a class.

There are opportunities to learn on the internet everywhere, but the Study Group helps students receive and digest the information in the best way possible – with their peers.

A simple analogy I can compare this to is like being in an Xbox lobby with your friends. But, instead of playing at the 2k Neighborhood, you are studying different equations and theories. The goal is to progress and learn with user achievements and help improve yourself in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

There are about 20 million students who attend college in the United States, and the college experience is rapidly changing. A rise in online classes and an emphasis on social distancing has created a difficult situation for students who are expected to learn without the presence of a classroom or professor readily available. Students are tired of regurgitating textbooks into notes and hearing a professor read off of a power point. It’s time to make education fun again and the best way to do that is through real time comparisons, case studies, and current events.

There’s a social network for everything – but The Study Group is the first study app that can allow students to find people who really want to learn with them. They can share their work to help students ultimately learn and reach higher achievements in education. Students can also have access to talk to those outside of their college/university and connect with as many students as possible. The principles of marketing don’t change from campus to campus, but how its physically taught could be.

The days of going to the library will no longer be the same. We are in the digital age and our education systems need to hurry up and reestablish itself as the horse pulling the cart.

Working symbiotically with these schools can allow students to have a fun community to perform best in their academics. This community will continue to grow and with that so does the opportunities – like advertising with local tutoring centers, or partnering with Textbook companies to provide condensed study materials that are tailored to certain courses.

So Sharks you’ve had time to study the problem now who wants to join my group with a deal?


I think this is a prime deal for Mark. He is obviously the biggest tech guy out of the core Sharks and he is very in touch with the young people in the country. (For the record I think because I am a student at Indiana I have to say I think Cuban would have to like me. From what I’ve been told the Indiana Alumni network is very strong so there’s that). Mark has a great hold on social media and technology and would for sure know how to take this idea to the next level. It’ll be great when he’s president of the United States knowing that I, and The Study Group, have his endorsement – and he’d definitely have mine.

This deal also makes sense Chris Sacca (although I don’t think he’s on the show anymore). It’d be fun to think that Cuban and Sacca, who are usually pinned against each other on the show, have to bid to work with me for this business but obviously that’s just a pipe dream.

Of course I would ask to give up only 8% of my company, which would basically be a startup evaluation, but I’m willing to go up to 15%. I know a Shark is that worth it so I’d have no issue with that. I’d consider even 25%. This is a deal for Mark that can further his portfolio into education and helping the students of America.

My Deal

All it takes is a first step. If anyone thinks they can work with me and make this a legitimate business feel free to reach out to me and I would love to entertain that possibility. If you have any ideas of your own and would like to work with me then I am open to that discussion as well. Many successful businesses will arise from this pandemic and I want to be apart of one of them. Let me know if you do too.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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