A Post-Virus Renaissance

This virus will end at some point. For everyone’s sake I hope it does partly because I want new things to talk about. It’s like we’re living in an apocalyptic groundhog day and people are getting restless. We need to move forward while defeating the virus simultaneously. It can happen and it’s what will lead us into a new aged renaissance that can propel the human race leaps and bounds forward. A renaissance that will have us feeling like we are actually “living in the future”.

We grew up thinking about flying cars and jet packs, but have yet to actually see these ideas come to fruition. This could be in part because there was no pressure to change what we have been doing from a fundamental standpoint for the last 100 years. Humans and creativity work best under pressure so now this pandemic can be the spark we need to actually create this technological renaissance. It can spur us farther than just another wave of the “industrial revolution”. Once we reach that inflection point, the door of opportunity will swing wide open.

Personally, I believe this can all stem from breakthroughs of 5G and the expansion of the blockchain. With the ability to have so much data and information interconnected in such a streamlined system, obvious developments of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will skyrocket. Any innovator right now is thinking of how to leverage these technologies to scale across the entire planet.

For example, we can start with traditional travel. Let’s invest in actually implementing the Hyperloop. Not enough people are fully aware of what this bullet train is. Basically, it is a mode frictionless travel that is calculated at speeds over 750 miles per hour. That is nearly twice as fast as the famous Japanese Bullet Train, the Shinkansen. For reference, a Boeing 747 has a top speed of 614 mph. Imagine the possibilities of being able to travel from New York City to Chicago in just over an hour?

We need this to happen as soon as possible! We should just throw all the money necessary on a working Hyperloop. Give Elon Musk, Virgin Galactic, or whoever whatever they need. It’s time for our leaders to explicitly invest in these technologies and not be so afraid of consequences. It’ll be this infrastructure that extends America as the global leader in technology and innovation.

New Technology leads to new problems. New problems lead to new solutions which leads to new and better jobs. If there was a finite number of jobs, then we would’ve hit that capacity a long time ago.

It’s time for a technological re-awakening. The 21st century renaissance is coming and let’s embrace that. Let’s use this virus as a way to not argue over decades long political talking points, but rather create a vision that brings us all closer together.

It is time to get to building and creating.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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