Chill With the Instagram Polls

Maybe I just don’t get it, but since the inception of Instagram adding polling to its story feature I think it’s one of the worst additions to personal content that I have seen in any type of social media.

Of course, there are legit purposes for the polls and maybe I have seen some questions or debates that I guess could be interesting? But overall just doing a series of polls that’s like “choose song/food/show A or B” is such a weird tactic to collect what I would consider pretty useless data.

My real question is what’s the end game with them? Cause yea you see the results but then do you plan on using that for anything other than just finding the answer to a question that’s completely opinionated anyways? I am genuinely curious. Most of the time people don’t even share the final results so it’s just like whats the point?

This isn’t targeted at anyone specific – but as the saying goes “if the shoe fits, sweetheart”. But seriously I’ve seen so many polls show up in the last few months since the start of the pandemic. I get that we’re trying to keep ourselves entertained but this is one that I just don’t seem to understand.

I guess my final point would to be don’t waste your time finding answers to things that bare no significance. Use this time of quarantine more efficiently and effectively.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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