Netflix’s Trailer for the Jeffrey Epstein Doc Shows They Are Just As Dirty

It’s important that Netflix is doing a documentary series into all the events regarding Jeffrey Epstein. We need to find answers and the victims voices should be heard. I will be watching this doc when it releases. I think for the sake of better understanding our corrupt, ruling class it can be an important insight to how they seem to operate.

One thing that I noticed in this trailer that I find very disheartening is around the 1:45 mark where the narrator exclaims that they will be “digging into his life” and right at that moment it shows a picture of Epstein with President Donald Trump. The 2 have been connected in the past and seemed to have some form of a relationship both socially and professionally.

However, the fact these 2 show up right as the montage of images surrounded by the words “Power” and “Money” and then there isn’t a single portrayal of his relationship with Bill Clinton in the trailer is just ridiculous.

You can’t mention Epstein’s death and then his relationship with powerful people and not include Bill Clinton. They flew together on Epstein’s private jet the “Lolita Express” at least 22 times. That’s significant. They worked together on events for the Clinton Foundation. This is all documented information.

Petrina Ryan-Kleid, Parsing Bill (2012). Image via the New York Academy of Arts.
Petrina Ryan-Kleid, Parsing Bill (2012)

The fact that this picture was found in Epstein’s house and it is known the two were more than just mere acquaintances is ought to have serious investigative reporting in itself.

The only problem with that is looking into the Clinton’s is it could be one of the most dangerous things to do in the USA, allegedly.

But anyways, hopefully Netflix surprises me and actually has a fair and balanced reporting on this topic. Dig into his life and everyone this creep did his business with. The truth should be found from both sides so let’s not turn a known rapist and pedophile’s death into some skewed partisan hit piece!

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself so like Joe Rogan says, “look into it!”

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