#HowLiberalWasYourHighSchool ?

In light of both the Coronavirus pandemic and the revelations of the Russia Probe and overall political landscape of our country I think this is important:

The other day I happened to find an external hard drive that I haven’t seen in probably 3 years. Opening these files was a wild experience. It is the 21st century equivalent to finding an old photo album or storage box in the attic. This file had some pictures that I hadn’t seen in years. But most importantly, I found a ton of essays and papers that I had written in high school. It was cool to see some growth in my writing.

The biggest takeaway from these files was finding my AP Government folder containing a bunch of assignments from my senior year gov class. For reference, I was a senior in high school during the 2016 election. Obviously that was a crazy year to be in a current events class for every reason that you can imagine.

But, the fact that my teachers were absolutely funneling their political opinions down our throats for the entirety of the year really was absurd. I like to think of myself as fairly in the middle of the political spectrum. But, the obvious judgement and disdain for students who had conservative opinions really started my questioning much of the schools “liberal” message.

After Donald Trump won the election it became a full on transparent and partisan mess. I will never forget the day after he won teachers entered into school wearing all black signifying “America’s funeral” and the principal getting on the PA system to apologize that his candidate lost. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it is not the job of public school teachers/administrators to propagate and push their political agendas.

What a joke that was. What kind of lesson is that teaching students? I mean come on. Seriously, it is not the job of public school teachers to inflict their political opinions on their students.

I knew I went to a very liberal high school, and those were just a few examples. But I have countless stories of different partisan talking points that permeated through the classrooms throughout my years in the public school system.

So I am curious, was my school an outlier? How liberal was your high school?

I think this is important for the future conversation of how history and social studies are taught in primary education. It is important that both sides of the story are fairly heard. Political divisiveness needs to be taken out of our classrooms and students need to learn at a young age to think for themselves. For every CNN/MSNBC news clip that is shown a Fox News one should be shown as well. Fake news should be studied from both sides and students can’t feel like just because they have an minority opinion they cannot speak up. Because as we learned in 2016 sometimes what may seem like a minority is actually just a silent majority.

Part of a teacher’s job shouldn’t be to bring politics into classrooms full of young, uninformed, and unexperienced kids.

#HowLiberalWasYourHighSchool can expose just how ridiculous some of these teachers who are indoctrinating America’s youth every day are acting. Let’s teach kids to think for themselves and not be so scared to have these conversations. I am curious to hear how conversations in zoom classrooms have transpired amongst the pandemic.

For the record, I am sure that the complete opposite side of this spectrum is true for other schools across the country as well. That just wasn’t my experience, and that’s okay. I just think like we need to have these conversations regardless of party affiliation. Everything that I was taught growing up leaned disproportionately left and thinking back on it that was not fair to us as students.

So lets get the conversation going. #HowLiberalWasYourHighSchool?

Let me know @jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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