Jeff Bezos Is Projected To Become The World’s First Trillionaire

I don’t think trillionaire is even an official word, so that’s gonna have to be changed for Jeff by the time he accomplishes this feat. Some company called ‘Comparisun’ estimated that in 6 years Bezos will be worth a trillion dollars.

That is an incomprehensible amount of money. Like you can literally do anything ever. I’m so jealous. Careful with what you think he should/have to do with his fortune.

Remember the tale of Mansa Musa? He was a West African King in 1300’s who rode across the continent to journey in his Hajj to Mecca. During his pilgrimage he handed out gold to commoners and people in various cities. It was initially seen as extraordinarily philanthropic.

But, the influx of gold in these cities actually led to a huge gold recession and subsequent increased prices led to huge inflation. He was responsible for sinking the economies of major cities like Cairo, Medina, and Mecca.

Mansa Musa, remember the name.

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