Crown The Chick-Fil-A DriveThru

As the quarantine continues to prolong, it has become clear that there will be new ways to do basically everything. It’s so strange that I literally haven’t eaten in a restaurant in almost 3 months. It’s a harsh reality that we have to face but it may just become the world we live in. Social distancing will always be on our minds.

A huge byproduct of this is the increase of takeout food and drive thru ordering at various restaurants. Obviously the drive thru can be a hassle in terms of speed, communication, and general efficiency but there is one chain that has completely figured it out. Chick-Fil-A.

Now this is no secret, CFA has been at the epicenter of most fast food social media praise and this is due to their great service, food, and drive thru abilities. Chick-Fil-A takes pride in this. But I decided to do a little more research into this operation.

According to CFA’S The Chicken Wire, Jared Solid leads the company’s ‘drive thru innovation’ team and has really turned the drive thru business into a science. The fact that they have a drive thru innovation team says enough in itself. Anyone who has gone thru the drive thru quickly realizes the multiple points of contacts with employees who are coming up to cars to take orders, payments, and then receiving the meal.

This is all relayed with a streamlined technology communication system that gives cars and customers descriptions to be relayed down the line so the workers don’t get confused and give the wrong car the wrong orders. These multiple points of contact allow for faster transferring of information and the ability to service multiple cars at a time, even if there are multiple drive thru lanes. QSR also scored Chick-Fil-A first on customer accuracy (94%) and customer service. This is all with their drive thru being the busiest of any restaurant measured by far.

CFA establishing this “Face-to-face” ordering system while people are in the drive thru lanes allows cars to move almost 2 times faster than competing drive-thrus. Yea, crown them.

This whole science to the drive thru is definitely not something I had ever considered before I became a regular at Chick-Fil-A, but it makes so much sense. For a company that takes a whole lot of pride in their customer service it is practices like this that keep it as the fastest growing fast food chain in the US.

New ways to order with Apps and curb-side pick up will be imperative in the continuing the innovations and increasing the efficiency of these long lines.

It is also important that other food services adopt practices like this as we move forward in this new way we will be living our lives.

Long live the spicy chicken sandwich.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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