My Computer Thinks I’m on Eastern Time

I am currently on mountain time. A 2 hour time difference from the east coast. But, for some reason my computer is unaware of this change. It has picked up on various location changes in the past but for some reason not this time.

I have a theory that this is because I covered my video camera so the FBI can’t spy on me. Call me crazy but I listened to Joe Rogan and Edward Snowden’s interview. So, you could say that I’m woke. But seriously, I wonder why it hasn’t changed. I’m not going to manually change it either because something that uses internet and location services should know how to change it automatically.

My evidence supporting this claim is that last time I put a covering on my computer camera, my laptop miraculously broke because of “water damage”. What had happened was I spilt coffee on my computer 3 years prior and then once I didn’t become complicit in spying the 3 year old coffee caught up to me and my computer broke. Weird coincidence.

Plus, the time change makes no sense to me. Time is such a construct and the fact that you can just like fly 3 hours left to the midwest and you gain a hour makes so much sense but at the same time so little. People who say they understand time are liars. Watch Interstellar 1 time for me and then let me know.

Anyways, maybe after I post this it will be my out. But, as of right now my computer is 2 hours farther into the future than I am.

Have a good Monday.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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