The Joe Rogan Experience Goes To Spotify

Wow! This is actually insane news. Joe Rogan runs the biggest podcast on the planet and has basically become the biggest voice in culture for millions of people. He is the best interviewer on the planet right now. He can have a conversation about whatever, with whoever, for hours at a time. There is no one who is better at what they do than Joe Rogan.

He has been compared to Johnny Carson and Howard Stern with his ability to have real conversations with those who he has to sit down in his studio with him.

What I, and so many other viewers, love about Joe Rogan is how he has no higher ups to answer to. He has told countless stories of his time working in cable television and radio in how he had restrictions on what he could do with his platform. He owns his podcast and can do or say whatever he wants. Everything he talks about, sponsors, and promotes is what he fully believes in and enjoys. It’s the American Dream.

But, Joe revealed this deal as a licensing agreement with Spotify. He won’t be putting his full length pods on YouTube anymore, even though he will still be putting out some of his show’s clips. The videos and full length podcasts will be on the Spotify network and this is the biggest news to come to podcasts probably ever. The full details of the deal aren’t public but it was probably for a pretty huge price considering Joe has no real reasons to license out his platform.

This deal also insinuates that there will be no infringement on his creative process. He is simply using Spotify as his exclusive outlet for his pod. I don’t really know what Spotify will necessarily be providing for him other than a huge bag but good for Joe.

The pod will still be free but at year’s end it will be exclusively on Spotify. I am currently an Apple Music user but I guess I’m gonna have to make the switch. Your move Apple!


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