GaryVee is Hosting a 6-Week #MarketingForTheNow Zoom Seminar

No one knows flip life like GaryVee. The man who claims to be the future owner of the New York Jets, and currently head of Vayner Media and, is using the pandemic that we currently reside to give fans and aspiring entrepreneurs a 6-week seminar that will flip their ideas about marketing and business for not only now, but also the future.

With a lineup that consists of moguls like Alex Rodriguez, Carolyn Everson, Chris Bruzzo, Gail Tifford, Jill Gregory, Kenny Mitchell, and Marcel Marcondes, the VaynerX team is gifting us the ability to learn from some of the most impressive people in business.

The first seminar was today and it was incredibly interesting in how they talked about various topics that were all extremely interesting. Gary moderates the interview and he not only says it clear and straight, but also has incredible insights in himself. This all star lineup made it a lecture that was actually interesting to listen to.

GaryVee is a risk taker. He believes that you should just go for what your passion is and just start. Sometimes he may seem a little over the top but it’s always out of his true belief that everyone can be successful if they just put in the hard work and determination. GaryVee definitely played a big role in me actually starting this site.

Make sure to keep in touch with this weekly show, as today’s guests were awesome.

Check out the VaynerX instagram link in bio to find a link to sign up for the Zoom session next Thursday at 12pm ET.

By the way, my favorite quote was from Carolyn Everson of Facebook. She stated how Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said in January, “What do we have to do today so we don’t wish we did it 4 weeks from now?” I think thats a question that can perpetrate any successful business forever.

Thank you for showing us #MarketingForTheNow Gary and how you view the world of marketing vs. the outside world as well.

Sign up to register here


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