Highlighting A Comic: Andrew Schulz

I remember hearing recently that people need to just appreciate comedy and not try to find deeper meanings into the jokes and bits that we hear on a daily basis. I don’t disagree with that but I also think that having layers to a joke or story adds an element of cleverness and intellect that just completely elevates its value and longevity.

I’d say Andrew Schulz is a pretty well known comic, but he should be bigger. As a co-host on the podcast The Brilliant Idiots, the New York comedian is absolutely hysterical. He really blew up on YouTube. He doesn’t have a traditional Netflix comedy special and instead of just waiting for his “turn” he took his own initiative and just put his jokes online. He created a dope channel and gave people an inside look at what it’s like to be a growing stand-up comic in NYC. He claims that if you don’t like his jokes, at least you’ll like his hustle. He has a full library of bits at clubs and long form specials available all for free.

And now he has over a million subscribers on YouTube.

He figured out how to grab and hold the viewers attention and listen to his unique perspective on everything that’s going on in the world today. From his 4:4:1 to Views from the Cis, the guy knows how to tell a joke. Listening to him just talk about the art of his jokes is a raw and authentic style that gives him a real grass roots audience.

Schulz is great because he is authentic, objective, and intelligent. He can look at an issue from any side of the argument and spin a real and comical observation of the matter.

He has the traditional jokes that he tells at clubs and posts online, but his next pivot in response to coronavirus is posting what is almost another version of ‘The Daily Show’. These have not been every single day and he only covers 1 topic at a time but his takes from Joe Biden’s gaffes, 6ix9ine running for President, to the whole mask controversy, has a super clever and amusing take on the subject of his choice.

Him taking this ‘Daily Show’ style approach to just ~5 minute clips is really interesting because he doesn’t come from a liberal or conservative view. That also makes it really refreshing. He talks about a singular issue/topic and gives it from the lens of a straightforward and intelligent comedian.

Check out his YouTube page here because it’s really one of those rabbit holes that you will find yourself watching almost all his stuff. He’s also super interesting when he sits down with Joe Rogan on the JRE episode #1265. The guy tells it like it is and has worked independently to pave the career he’s had up to today. Total respect.

Comedy is one of those things that can point out both the obvious and enlighten us to new ideas. It is the people who are willing to go out and tell it like it is that really can take advantage of the business because that’s what a crowd is looking for nowadays. Truth and authenticity. Keep it up Andrew Schulz, I’ll be along for the ride.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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