Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 2

Another week down and I before I dive in I just want to say that the death of George Floyd is an absolute tragedy. This whole situation, in every aspect, is just scary, sad, and unforgiving. The cops should be jailed and justice needs to be served.

The riots are also terrifying. It’s scary to see something as radical as the burning a major US city. These times are ones that call for serious, strong leadership and I just find it devastating that it seems no one, from literally anywhere, is providing that. I just don’t see anyone offering real solutions to our very real problems and trying to create a unified coalition to solve those issues. I hope I am soon proven wrong.

Ok into my thoughts:

What’s Been On My Mind

I’ve been re-watching the show Silicon Valley this week. The combination of Erlich Bachman and Jian-Yang has to be one of the best duos in TV history. Every scene they have is an adaptation of the same thing and it gets me every time.

They are both just so funny together. TJ Miller (Erlich) and his ineptitude to just be out played by Jimmy O. Yang (Jian-Yang) and his clear dedication to making Erlich’s life miserable is great comedy. The prank calls are golden. They play off each other so well, especially in the middle seasons of the show. It’s sad TJ Miller chose to leave that show cause he was really the glue that kept it so entertaining.

Also I watch a lot of hours of YouTube and I just want to clarify that Theater Mode is the only way to watch. End of discussion.

And then I really enjoyed The Match 2 last Sunday. One of the biggest things that was on my mind that day was how I forgot to do a preview talking about how it would go down. It was strange watching Tom Brady and in the back of my head knowing he was no longer the QB of my team. It’s gonna take a lot of getting used to.

Additionally I want to clarify that I have adopted the Chik-Fil-A philosophy of ThoughtLess and I am closed on Sunday’s. This doesn’t have anything to do with religion but more out of respect for the chicken sandwich. Just look at this beauty:

Spice Up Your Chick-fil-A With 5 Spicy Hacks | Chick-fil-A

We’re Going To SpaceX

Thinking back on The Match 2, I almost made the same mistake again on Wednesday. I had known about the SpaceX launch and just forgot to write about it. But I lucked out and because of the rain in Florida the launch got postponed. I think this is gonna be a pretty sick and is really just a warmup for when Elon Musk and SpaceX send an astronaut to Mars in a few years.

This launch will be happening on Saturday (or Sunday if it gets rained out again) and the livestream was an awesome watch. The spacesuits that the guys were wearing were sweet and the chairs that they sit in inside the rocket legit molded to their bodies. I gotta see liftoff. Space is dope.

I know some people don’t like Elon Musk because he comes across as conceited but I don’t hold that against him. The dude is literally too smart to function normally. Imagine for your self even trying to think of a calculation to send someone to Mars?? I don’t like thinking about how to calculate anything.

I mean seriously listen to this guys’ interviews. He talks so slow and precise like every word is calculated and he knows exactly how and why he is saying each syllable. It’s like he’s operating in a different dimension. The Neuralink, for example, is something out of 3020 that he makes speaks with the calmness akin to it being a minor cosmetic procedure.

When I write these things I just let my fingers go and see what words come up and hope they make sense.

Regardless good luck and thank you for being a great American, Elon. Salute.


Coach Duggs is a legend. For those who don’t know @BarstoolBigCat started playing NCAA14 on the Xbox360 and is live-streaming his games on Twitch. He is currently the head coach of Tennessee and it is borderline must watch television.

His game vs. Florida was an actual classic. Winning 45-42, all three phases of the game were critical in his victory. It came down to the final possession and I was on the edge of my seat watching a video game. He is now 7-0 with a game at 3:00pm today against #24 ranked South Carolina in Knoxville. I will say it seems he does have a lot of home games.

I don’t care that it’s not “real sports”. This was as excited for a gaming event as I can remember. It has some real SEC energy to it and seriously he gets over 50k viewers a stream, all to basically watch him run the same 3 plays and try to get a stop on defense. It’s electric television.

Also going back to the Florida game, Coach Duggs going onto the field to be by Jojo Smalls’ side after that clutch kick return with 30 seconds remaining was legendary.


What a players’ coach. I’d want to play for that guy.

Big Cat, from the day he began PMT, proclaimed to be a Football Guy’s Guy and this has just proven that point even further. Everyone is talking about Coach Duggs and Big Cat finally figured out how to give us football in the spring. Props Wide Dog, it for sure feels like ’98.

Joe Biden Made Me Gaffe – I Mean Laugh!

Did Joe Biden (his team) figure out social media? Thursday he put out his first tweet ever to make me laugh. Maybe he (his team) figured out a legit angle to go after the President online for.

I’m not even sure if this is intentionally funny but it just is. That juxtaposition is incredible. Obviously the pandemic itself isn’t funny, that’s not what I’m saying. But the way this is positioned made me crack up. Good on ya Joe!

Also Trump starting that tweet as just “To Tim:” is just so goddamn funny. Politics aside, this is why I said yesterday that I am addicted to twitter. It’s just such humor.

RIP Baseball

Can we please get baseball back? I haven’t been paying too much attention into the whole what seems to have turned into just a labor dispute but the fact that there seems like a legit chance there is no baseball played at all this summer is just disappointing.

Max Scherzer sent out this tweet basically telling the owners that the players are on a united front to stand their current ground. They don’t want to take more pay cuts till they see the owners’ accounting. And the owners don’t want to give that up.

Yea I get that baseball is in a interesting situation because they don’t have revenue sharing like other leagues, and it is basically impossible to calculate the actual losses from a shortened, no-fan season but still someone’s gotta figure out how to make it work. Just like pay them based on a hourly wage or something. Just kidding that would somehow make the sport even longer.

But seriously figure it out. For the good of America’s past time.

I miss watching the Red Sox.

Hopefully they can reach an agreement soon.


This week I posted about Indiana University’s Restart Committee and what us students returning to campus would look like. I think I nailed a few points especially about how they are changing the academic calendar. The day after I posted this review the University President sent us what the schedule will be for the next academic school year and it is a pretty sublime feeling. It’s weird to think that my final year of college will be about 50% online.

Also, I’m pretty sure Indiana is moving forward with raising tuition for like the 10th straight year after they have already acknowledged campus will be used for 1/2 the time next year. That seems ~interesting~ to me. I have unanswered questions regarding the restart proposal right here.

Netflix finally dropped the Jeffrey Epstein doc and I will be diving into that as soon as I can. I wrote about the trailer for this documentary and how I already noticed what seemed like clear biases in it. Once I get a full watch then I will have the full picture. But if it goes into his relationship with Donald Trump and not Bill Clinton then it is just sad because everyone who was involved deserves to be brought to justice. Epstein didn’t kill himself so look into it, fairly!

Finally, be sure to follow @thoughtless44 on Instagram. Initially I was just posting my stuff on Twitter but that is too narrow of a reach, and I am working to get on all platforms. I do dislike Instagram, however, and its inability to provide direct links on posts. Using a linktree in my bio I calculated that it is at least a 3 step process to get a user to get to one of my posts.

Twitter is basically seamless.

Why can’t there be direct links on Instagram posts? Seriously?

And for some reason on both my ThoughtLess and personal account I can’t put up a “Swipe-Up” story either. I’m not sure if this is a me issue or an instagram issue, but it’s so annoying. How do you say you support small business when it’s so difficult to get someone to their website? Sorry for the rant. But still, follow me on instagram.

Welp, cheers.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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