Bella Ciao – Anonymous Has Returned Amidst The Turmoil

Everyone has seen the horrific events that happened in the last week. Beginning with the clear murder of George Floyd people across the country rightfully began to protest not only that the officers involved in this were to be arrested and charged appropriately, but also there needs to be a change. Justice needs to be served.

And this weekend Americans saw flames ignite across major cities as rioters and looters sparked anarchy. It was painful to witness. It was and is not the country I recognize.

But don’t let this destruction and bad actors divert you from the real reason for these protests. This is a response to the oppression and unjust actions of our law enforcement.

In a time where trust in government is at record lows, especially among minorities and lower class, a familiar group that has been known to take action against oppression and censorship has stepped into the fold. On Thursday, May 28 Anonymous posted a video to their most popular Facebook page that has almost 12million followers.

Wearing the signature Guy Fawkes mask, the Anonymous video announces their arrival and decision to target the Minneapolis police department; who they describe as one of the most corrupt police forces in the country. Police brutality and coverups is a major problem in both the state of Minnesota but also the whole country. Anonymous plans to expose that.

They said they are going to hack into the Minnesota Police Department’s records.

Many people are aware of the internet hacking group Anonymous and the many cases of social “hactivism” they have taken in really the last 14 years to step and fight against censorship, corruption, and injustices on the internet and across the world.

What started as an anonymous group of 4chan users has fairly quickly become one of the most powerful internet associations in the world. They have members and operatives globally and pledge fight for things like government transparency and free speech.

I highly recommend the documentary “We Are Legion: Story of Hacktivists” for free on Tubi to learn the history and origins of Anonymous.

It is a very complex organization and it’s difficult to fully understand. Besides their Facebook page it is hard to determine what is “official” Anonymous news. There are a few Twitter accounts that have over 2 million followers but as the name details, the people involved are anonymous. Admittedly, I’m not a proficient enough in Reddit or 4chan user to really know or research.

Like I’m not sure if ANTIFA is synonymous with this group now. I for sure don’t condone the actions of these radicals who are only looking for destruction and organizing riots across the United States.

But that’s also why insightfully in the documentary, Joshua Corman, who is an internet security strategist, explains Anonymous very well. He basically describes them as any other political group/party. They are a “chaotic actor” who has tools of both good and bad. Some actions are seen as those of an “internet Robinhood” in exposing secrets that link corruption and oppression, while others use evil “like the Joker” just to spark chaos.

This broad spectrum of the group is what leads to so many questions about Anonymous in general. It makes it so difficult to know what their true intentions are and who to really trust when screenshots or information is posted online. I want to think overall are fighting for the ultimate good but really no one knows.

One thing that seems for sure is Anonymous stands for free speech online and fighting government oppression.

So really this is a perfect storm for them to step back in making the news waves. Between these protests and the lockdowns, 2020 was made for Anonymous. I hope they do the right thing. I hope they can expose those who need to be brought to justice. The only thing we can do is wait.

Stay on the lookout for Anonymous in the next few days/weeks. Depending on how aggressive they get things could get really interesting and important people might need to be held to some serious questioning.

Also, don’t forget that we are still in a pandemic from a virus that comes from China. Anonymous seems to be aware of this and if you believe in them, then watch this video that explains the steps they are taking on a geopolitical scale. The last minute of this clip is some serious dystopian terror shit.

We are legion, so keep your eyes open.

Finally, bella Ciao and viva la resistencia. Cue the music:

But seriously, stay safe. Freedom will prevail, it always does.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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