June 4 – The Anniversary of JRE Episode #1309 ft. Naval Ravikant

Happy one year anniversary to the most insightful, profound podcast that I have ever listened to.

Everyone is aware of who Joe Rogan is at this point and how he runs the biggest podcast on the planet. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan. He recently made massive headlines by signing an exclusive licensing deal with Spotify to bring his podcast to their network. I have written about this move before and I can’t wait to see what happens in September once he makes this transition.

Naval, on the other hand, is not as well known. He is the founder of AngelList and what I would describe as a modern day philosopher. Naval Ravikant is one of the most interesting people in the world. He is also very well known for his twitter thread ‘How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)‘ that talks about principles and practices of wealth creation. I think he’s one of the clearest thinkers we have in today’s world and is a guy who really wants to steer everyone towards a better, happier life.

So, when I saw that Joe Rogan and Naval were doing a podcast together last year, I couldn’t wait to listen. And they did not disappoint. In over 2 hours they talk about everything from philosophy, politics, technology, life, business, and meditation. Their conversation is still deeply relevant 365 days later.

I think everyone should take the time to listen to this. It is very eye opening to hear how 2 guys who are very independent thinkers view our world, wealth, and businesses. Make it a point to listen to at least parts of it.

I hope Joe gets Naval back on the podcast soon. They had a very interesting conversation that I think could have extended another 3 hours.

Additionally, I got to give a shoutout to the episode Joe recorded yesterday with Krystal and Saagar from the show Rising. It was incredible conversation and something that should happen much more commonly in today’s society.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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