Thoughts Into the Weekend vol. 3

Honestly the hardest part about these posts is starting them. I think its really healthy to get a reflective piece onto this site that lays out where my head is at and has been for the last week. In today’s world we live in such a fast moving news cycle that it is difficult to really catch your breath and reflect about what’s going on.

As you think about all the events that happened in the last week, it brings light to conversations that we really should be having amongst ourselves often and try to work towards finding real, attainable solutions. The momentum of all these issues need to continue to ride throughout this election cycle.

From civil liberties to the pandemic to the economy to immigration to healthcare and to foreign relations, this is not a single issue election. It’s a critical moment in our history and this race can be the defining moment that steers us towards the rest of our lives. It’s vital that we all find it amongst ourselves to seek out the truth and think for ourselves in every step of the way.

I think this election has the potential to have the highest voter turnout in the history of our country. That is great for democracy, even though I’m sure both sides will accuse it of being rigged – one way or another.

And remember, as we go forward just think about how every story has 2 sides, and there is truth on both. Analyze and decide. Don’t feel pressured to vote for any candidate because someone you know may judge you. We are all independent beings and our vote is the physical embodiment of that. We are friends before the war; we are friends after the war. An election doesn’t change the fact that we are all Americans.

Ok anyways into my thoughts:

What’s Been on My Mind

I consume way too much technology. It’s getting really bad. Yesterday I asked my own mother to ground me so she would have to take my computer and phone away. It’s getting absurd.

I also really should invest in some of those blue-light glasses because I’m going to be blind by the age of 40 with how much I look at screens. My phone’s screen-time app says I’m at an average of about 6.5 hours per day in the last week. That doesn’t include television or computer. If I’m awake for 17 hours in a day I’m on some sort of screen for probably 14 of those hours, at least. Help.

Realizing this is unhealthy, I’m trying to get back into reading more books. I started ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’ by retired Disney CEO, Bob Iger, but because I’m so addicted to YouTube I haven’t had much success in digging in. I have to focus and get at it because my book club wants to talk this thing over in like a week. I’m 10 pages in, wish me luck.

I also am so much happier I am when I lay off Snapchat and Instagram. Those apps are just such headaches. So many moving parts and such little sense is ever made. It’s impossible to have real conversations and there is no bigger platform for “keeping up with the Jones'” than Instagram. Snapchat groups make me sick so I just mute them all.

My Mount. Rushmore of phone apps is: Twitter, iMessage, Groupme, and the Podcast app. I would love to debate over it.

I’m An Independent Contractor

So besides blogging for a living (I don’t get paid), I decided to take on Instacart to make some cash on the side. My internship this summer was cancelled besides a 2 week virtual session so it really didn’t work out for me to get a real job. But Instacart seems doable.

I was referred by my friend and if I do 70 runs in the first 30 days then we will receive $1500 to split between the both of us. I am 1 run down.

This first run was amusing because I had to go to CVS to get sunblock for some lady. She literally had me get 7 different flavors of sunscreen. I’m not sure what the point of that was. Maybe she is experimenting. Nevertheless, she should be stocked up for the foreseeable future.

1 run down, 69 to go. Nice.


The NBA official dates for when they are coming back in the next few weeks. Finally live action. The NHL had updates as well.

The NBA is scheduled to come back July 31 and is doing a pretty cool set up. 22 teams will be in Orlando and there is an 8 game race to decide the final few seeds. It will be an electric ~2 weeks of basketball and then into the playoffs.

The NHL announced their structure of returning with 24 teams last week, but just last night said they are transitioning to phase 2 of their return where players return to the ice on Monday, June 8. So hockey should be back around the same time as the NBA I’d guess.

Baseball is still a roller coaster. It’s hard to follow whats going on but it seems at this point the best case scenario is anywhere between a 60-82 game season. Please just make it happen. Please.

With so much sports on at once it will be an electric fall. One of the Barstool guys, I think Brandon Walker, said that the Fall won’t just be the Fall season, it will be “sports season”. With baseball, basketball, hockey in the playoffs, and football regular season, I can’t wait for a the Barstool shirt that has all 4 Boston teams in the national spotlight.

Sorry not sorry, but you know that either NFL week 2, 4, or 6 is going to have a Boston team in every primetime slot for consecutive days. And they’ll probably all win. It’s going to happen, and I cannot wait.

The New York Times Readers Got Triggered

Senator Tom Cotton’s Op-ed led to a big reaction online yesterday. People were legitimately angry. After multiple days of riots in our cities, he said it was time to restore order by using the military to stop the lawlessness, looting, and rioting that is bringing our cities to the ground. He said we need to exert strength.

People, especially those who worked for the NYT, were in disbelief. It’s like they’ve never heard an opinion they don’t agree with before – and these liberals write about Donald Trump everyday.

Between this and Facebook employees staging a walkout, it was a tough week for team censorship. At least they got a win with Snapchat.

Anyhow, I think that the riots need to stop and once this fire began to burn to this extent something needs to be done to restore law and order. I haven’t heard an alternative to stopping the looting and riots other than the use of riot control methods and force. I would love to be presented one.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been bad, irredeemable behavior by cops as well throughout these protests. The video of the old man in Buffalo last night made me nauseous. No law abiding citizen should be mistreated by our law enforcement. That is change that needs to come about.

And please do not forget that same first amendment that allows for these peaceful protests also allow for Sen. Cotton to have these views and express them freely. Don’t forget that.

I laughed out loud when I saw a screenshot on Twitter of some stat that showed the NYT lost their most subscribers like ever in the period of an hour after this piece dropped. Sorry snowflakes.

Lastly, for anyone who is defending, or not explicitly condemning, these looters and rioters, just remember that we were lectured for the last 3 years by our leaders that “no one is above the law, even the President” so stop making excuses for people who destroy property, steal from local businesses, and kill cops.

By the way, I find it hilarious that the Speaker of the House puts out a video on YouTube and it can’t even get 1000 views. Nice try Nancy, go eat some ice cream.


Well I wrote last week heading into Memorial Day that the lockdowns needed to end. That seemed to have happened. Coronavirus looks like it’s starting to disappear akin to the Homer Simpson going into the bushes .gif. I wrote my actual coronavirus update yesterday.

Another interesting article I found is by a very prominent doctor at the University of Pittsburgh. He looks into another way of thinking about the virus and the pandemic. I would encourage you read it and then think about all the information we have been given over the past 3 months.

Groupthink is dangerous.

Hopefully everyone has a good weekend and we continue full swing into June. 2020 is over 50% over so don’t lose sight of where we are headed.

Remember- freedom will prevail, it always does. But it is up to us to pave that path.

Cheers, and stay safe.

@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

P.s. I love hearing any feedback from my posts. I am always working to get better. This is why I link my accounts at the end of every post so we can have that conversation. I know I’m not always right and I don’t want to pretend I am. Follow me and let’s discuss. Thanks!

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