Is Conor McGregor Going To Fight Again?

After the UFC250 event on Saturday Conor McGregor highjacked the ending by announcing on twitter that he is retiring. Now I don’t think most people actually believe this to be the case as he is only 31 years old. But, as Dana White said in his post fight presser, with everything going on in the world right now, we’re all thinking about our lives and how we want to come out of this pandemic. So who knows?

But I think McGregor is retiring because he knows that there are no fights that he could take right now that realistically help him at reclaiming the lightweight championship belt. Essentially, he’s taking himself out of the conversation so he becomes the conversation. I doubt he wants to fight at 170, considering in his last fight vs. Cerrone he weighed only 169 at the official weigh in. I would love to see a McGregor vs Diaz III though. But it seems he wants to be at 155 and ideally wants to fight Khabib again.

Khabib has no reason to fight Conor right now though, as Justin Gaethje is first in line. The lightweight division is stacked with talent and Conor just doesn’t have enough forward momentum to get a real shot for the title right now. I understand from the business aspect that getting Conor in a prize fight will do great for numbers, but that seems short sighted to me. When looking at the entirety of the division, the long term play is to have an undisputed champion to then work at defending his belt.

Also, many have speculated that Conor will be next in line after the Gaethje vs. Khabib event anyway. This begs the question: does Conor need to have another fight under him to stay in that position? Gaethje has already said he’d rather fight Dustin Poirier than Conor. Of course that could easily just be trash talk, and if Gaethje gets that McGregor check put in front of him I can’t imagine he’d say no.

Don’t get me wrong I want to see Conor in a main event as much as anyone, but I also want it to have the best buildup and think he isn’t the best current matchup in that division.

Another development with Conor retiring is a 43 year old Floyd Mayweather coming out of the woodwork to throw a shot at Conor this weekend. Sportcenter reported on their instagram that Floyd seems to be open to talking about a rematch. I mean I’m all for it. Floyd hasn’t fought in 3 years.

If I had to guess I’d say this becomes a back and forth on twitter just so both these fighters can stay in the news. I think it makes much more sense for Conor to stay in the octagon and get back to being at the top of the UFC. And Floyd is closer to the age of Mike Tyson rather than McGregor. However, there is a ton of money up for grabs.

It’s funny because if this fight does somehow come to fruition we all know that we’ll spend $60 on a fight that we know is going to be a boring, defensive masterpiece by Floyd.

It would be a fat paycheck for both of them though. I definitely want to see it happen but just don’t think it will.

I’m sure Conor will come back in the news around October.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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