Eric Weinstein: “I may get on my knees with you… but on my knee before you? You just killed all hope of equality.”

For those who don’t know Eric Weinstein is one of the smartest people in the country. He is the managing director of Peter Thiel’s investment firm and has a P.h.D in mathematical physics from Harvard. This is an interesting take on the protests and what we are really looking to achieve through peaceful demonstrations of unrest.

These protests are justified and needed, but the videos of people literally bowing before the mob and even taking actions to wash protestors feet are really puzzling.

We are fighting for equality right?

Weinstein talks about how the notion of bending the knee has been around forever, but came back into the mainstream with the rise of Game of Thrones. The idea that people must “bend the knee” shows complete submission and inferiority to those they are kneeling to. Like I said, we are fighting for equality.

A strong example that resonated with me, as also being a Jew, was if a German person felt the need to kneel before me asking for forgiveness for the Holocaust. That would personally make me feel very uncomfortable and I wouldn’t even know how to react. Such a strange series of behavior.

Now, I am not sure if people are being told to kneel or if they are doing it voluntarily. But still, these actions aren’t what we should be fighting for. We shouldn’t submit to the mob. This is a democracy.

We have our flaws but instead of tearing others down let’s build each other up.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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