I Want To Introduce Jaylen Brown To ThoughtLess Magazine

Jaylen Brown is 23 years old. And he is an absolute stud. The 4 year pro is a guard for the Boston Celtics and has been a ton of fun to watch, and seeing him improve every season has been really impressive. One of the things I truly like about the NBA is how it is one of the few sports where guys that are so young can be so dominant. He is trending toward becoming a future all-star in the league. He also is the youngest ever selected Vice President of the NBA Players Association. I hope he spends his whole career in Boston.

Marc Spears wrote back in 2016 for The Undefeated that Jaylen is a “Renaissance Man” and goes into detail about Brown’s approach heading into his NBA draft as a projected lottery pick. He ended up being the 3rd player selected.

Last Summer, Jaylen was chosen to be a Director’s Fellow for MIT. His goal is to, “build a scholastic bridge connecting from higher university to our low-income community, reconstructing our education system one step at a time”. Like I said before, legend.

And most recently Jaylen Brown was in the headlines for driving down to Atlanta to lead a peaceful protest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s wrongful death. It’s crazy to me how he is only 2 years older than I am. His intelligence and maturity is something that sets a great example to everyone.

Jaylen’s twitter is also really interesting. He usually keeps his tweets short and to the point. I don’t agree with necessarily everything he says, but that doesn’t matter. The point is he is aware of all the BS that people try to spew on major news outlets and networks. Because something he did say is something that I think there is an opportunity to completely leverage. It’s something that people are legitimately hungry for. Fair, neutral commentary.

This is something that people need. And it’s the same thinking I had when I started ThoughtLess Magazine. Now, I know I have my biases and when I comment on politics not everyone will agree with me, but I try to make points and understand each side of an argument. I think that in a new form of media that isn’t tied necessarily to other prejudices creates a free form of looking at issues and events. In my initial vision for this site I stated how I think my east coast upbringing mixed with midwestern education has given me a unique perspective as a 21 year old in the US. I believe in that and I also try to lead a path towards real, attainable solutions.

I hope that Jaylen takes a look at this site and we can all realize that the new generation of media doesn’t have to be tied to corporate or predetermined beliefs.

Maybe I’m wrong, and I am willing to have conversations about that. But I want to hear what someone like Jaylen Brown’s thoughts are about this. I think we agree on a lot of things and could have real conversation about others.

I root for Jaylen Brown and his initiatives and additionally can’t wait to watch for him when the NBA resumes play soon.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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