Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 4

Another week down and this was a tough one. There is so much going on in the world and it all just seems so gloomy and sad. The news is actually a black hole of depression trying to scare you into agreeing with a particular side.

This gets difficult for me when I try to balance reading a bunch of different outlets when I write a story. There is just so much news that happens throughout the day and it’s hard to keep up an optimistic view, especially when everything seems so gloomy right now.

I think this played a role in some of the writer’s block that I was experiencing this week. It was so strange because the first few weeks of writing these blogs I was writing about opinions that I could clearly find what my thoughts were. Although they were heavy topics I was able to parse through what I had watched and read to develop real, deep thinking on the topic. But once you keep doing that about the same things over and over it just gets exhausting.

This was parlayed with my abroad semester’s final exams on Thursday. As I announced on twitter I had to get these finished and finally finish my junior year of college. That was a weird sentence to type.

I am onto my senior year of college. That is weird.

My goal was to get these exams done and then go back to writing on here. It was strange, though, because it was easy for me to write my prompted essay but I couldn’t put into words the things going on in the news.

So, yesterday was my first post-less work day since starting ThoughtLess. I was upset with myself but also felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders by finishing my classes. I made it a personal point to refocus and be sure not to quit putting out content.

I think this may have been a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to take a step back and think about what I’ve really been writing about. I try not to be too controversial and I hope to be well researched in my topics. I want to just say what my honest thoughts are. To be authentic. I know some people won’t agree with me but I at least want them to know that I did some research before I formulated an opinion.

That also made me happy to see twitter implementing a new feature that will hopefully help stop people from spreading clickbait headlines, where people just get news by reading a heading.

So with that I’ll get into some topics.

Motivational Videos

I was bored and started watching motivational speeches the other night. Here are some of my favorites. Denzel is a beast.

These are all so good. I highly recommend, and I am on this train and will be watching as many as I can.

Duggs Has The Yipps, Kinda

On Monday Barstool BigCat and Coach Duggs played in the biggest game of his career, the National Championship vs. Virginia Tech. It was played in the Rose Bowl. It was glorious going into it.

He had like 115k people watching him on Twitch trying to clinch his first championship and first championship for Tennessee since 1998. I honestly think if he won people would have celebrated it (at least for the night) as a real championship.

But he got obliterated. Absolutely ran out the gym. It was tough to watch. I felt bad for Big Cat. It was like an OG Barstool Electric Chair but he was completely responsible for the disappointment.

And then he started the next season almost immediately and it didn’t get much better. He struggles with defense. He lost to VT again and also lost on a last second field goal to Florida.

He has recovered in the SEC in the last few days. He learned that blitzing every play will give him a shot on defense, and he reclaimed the 1 ranking in the country. However, he has 2 losses on his schedule. It’d be hilarious if he got screwed by the old BCS ranking system.

I’m still a huge Duggs supporter though and cannot wait for the much awaited and deserving championship merch.

Rocky top, feels like ’98.

Give Reggie Bush His Heisman Back

One of the first blogs I wrote was right after the NCAA made motions to let players get paid. I wrote as that happened that this vindicates what happened to Reggie Bush during his time at USC.

And this week, USC reinstated Reggie and I guess will now acknowledge that he is an alumni. The situation is confusing. But regardless I’m happy Reggie will be on the right side of history.

And today, Gov. Ron Desantis of Florida passed a bill that will allow college athletes to monetize their likeness in Florida.

So, yea. Give Reggie His Heisman Back.

Baseball Is Such A Bummer

For some reason the MLB and MLBPA won’t come to an agreement to have games. It’s crazy that they seem content just holding out and not having a season. I think at this point it’s difficult to say this is a COVID issue and is just a plain labor dispute.

But, in positive news the commissioner, Rob Manfred, did say that there will be baseball played in 2020. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to some sort of strike situation. Just give us baseball. Please. I’m so bored.

I miss the Red Sox.

Book Club

I mentioned last week that I needed to dive into my book “The Ride Of A Lifetime” which chronicles Bob Iger’s experience as CEO of Disney and I can happily say I’m making a dent in this book.

It’s pretty interesting so far and I’m hoping to finish it by this weekend. I want to hold my thoughts till I finish and am able to discuss with the other members of my club.

The next book that we are reading is “Talking To Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell. Time to get to work.


When looking at the landscape of our country, to quote Marty Huggins, “it’s a mess”. But I think everyone needs to calm down and begin real conversations about how we can rebuild and move forward. Let’s get back to the point where the news was boring.

The next 140+ days leading up to the election are going to be crazy and I think it’s important that we try to keep it civil. For real, I think that this time there will be no holds barred. I think that this election will get really ugly. I hope I’m wrong.

Also, I tweeted earlier this week and I am happy to report that I got a haircut. I am sad to report that it was a pretty terrible cut. I have such trust issues when it comes to my hair and I tried a new barber because it was close to my house. That was a mistake. She hardly cut anything and it just does not make me feel new and clean like a good haircut should.

Finding a barber you can trust is like the hardest task on the planet. It gives me so much stress.

Have a good weekend everybody.


@jacklesser_ & @thoughtless44

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