Dear LinkedIn Network:

At this point of 2020, nothing can really be a surprise to anyone. But by any measure the past few months have been a shellshock of events and emotions that have greatly disrupted all of our lives.

Myself included, as I was supposed to spend my summer as a Summer Scholar for Deloitte Consulting in New York City. I was looking forward to experiencing this internship in a new city to hopefully springboard my professional career as I head into my senior year at IU.

This journey was supposed to begin this week.

However, like so many of my peers I will not be getting the full internship experience I was looking forward to. Of course, this is no one’s fault, but it is too bad that I will not have the full breadth of opportunities that I was hoping for this summer.

I am very excited for Deloitte’s 2-week virtual experience in July.

And with this newfound free time in my schedule, I had to make a decision in how I would make the most of my summer. And I have begun a personal project that covers something that I am deeply interested in, the news media & entertainment industry. So, for the last month+ I have been working on a daily news blog that I have coined as ThoughtLess Magazine.

I hope this is an insight into my overall thinking about newsworthy events and my thought process and opinions about these problems and their subsequent solutions.

I understand the significance of putting my personal brand online. It’s still a relatively new and ever evolving criteria for how someone is seen and judged. Social and professional aspects need to be balanced carefully and I was taught from an early age that everything I post reflects who I am in any setting. This continues to be true, and technology continues to be increasingly important in our lives. I believe it is those who have the transparency and authenticity in their work that will be most effective both in communicating and fostering success.

My goal is to have conversations about important issues and have real, collaborative dialogue into finding attainable solutions.

Please feel free to reach out with any feedback, questions, or comments. This is still an infant project and I’m not completely sure what it can/could evolve into. I want ThoughtLess to be a unique view on the world from a 21-year old’s perspective. I think that young professionals can be the biggest drivers for change, and it is up to us to use our diversity and creativity to accomplish good in the world.

Click here for my initial vision.


@jacklesser_ | @thoughtless44

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