Spotify Continues To Make Moves: Signs Exclusive Podcasts With Kim Kardashian and DC Comics

Spotify is really trying to pivot its brand from being just a music platform. After making moves to buy The Gimlet and The Ringer, they made their biggest splash with the Joe Rogan licensing deal a month ago. Spotify’s stock has been surging and they continue to make themselves out to be not only a top audio platform, but also a brand that represents some of the most influential people in media and entertainment.

This was solidified when they announced 2 more podcasting exclusive deals this week. Kim Kardashian and DC Comics have hopped aboard the train. The DC Comic Podcast will be interesting. It will be based off of characters from the books, both heroes and villains, and will also be plotted and scripted. Personally, I wonder if Spotify will be looking towards audio story telling as a new way to compete with more traditional talk/news podcasts. Maybe they think competing with audio books is a possibility also. The multi-year deal gives them rights to use the DC characters and basically do whatever they feel will be best use for characters and storylines that intrigues fans.

Then, the Kim Kardashian deal is amazing, in my opinion. Kim K. has been one of the most remarkable celebrities in the world the past few years where she has found issues that she is passionate about and really working with people to get it done. She has worked with the President on multiple occasions on the Innocence Project and working towards criminal justice reform. I’m not sure what her actual thoughts of the President are, but she clearly is willing to put any differences aside to get done what she thinks is right. And that’s something we all should respect and learn from.

So, with Spotify, Kim K. will be doing a deep dive into criminal justice and looking at different cases while working with her cohost, Lori Rothschild Ansaldi. I anticipate that it will be similar to the popular Serial podcasts.

I think not only does this continue to raise Kim’s status as she evolves from being just a reality TV star, but it also shows that Spotify really has a vision and a plan for how they are going to dominate the audio space. Once Kim Kardashian passes the bar exam and obtains her law degree, it will open the door to even more opportunities for her and the platform that she chooses to express her message.

Like most guys who don’t pay attention to KUWTK, I used to see the Kardashian family as clout chasing divas. But, after I have become more aware of what actions Kim is taking to really make a difference in the country in the past few years, I can only continue to support and root for her. I will never forget Daymond John saying in an interview with Pardon My Take that he could see Kim K. running for, and winning, the Presidency.

Right now, that is an outlandish take and she may even be too smart to go into public service at the level as high as President. But, Daymond worked with her on KUWTK and obviously is a very smart guy who can evaluate talent.

When comparing her to who is in office right now she does check a lot of boxes.

Don’t continue to sleep on Spotify, either. With the deals and routes they are taking it really seems like they are trying to become the next Disney of this industry. If they can begin to foster and develop powerful, original content with a farm-system of stars, then the sky is the limit for this platform. Especially as they expand into video as well. The stories and characters they promote will be able to leverage their influence and lead them to being the global company that takes over all things audio.


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