Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the Biden campaign will honor the 3 Presidential debates that are staged to be in September and October. This comes on the heels of Trump’s campaign asking the Debate Commission to increase the number of debates in which Trump and Biden will perform in. Biden says he will commit to the original 3.

This is great news for America and our democracy.

I don’t think Trump really ever had a true intention of doing more than 3 debates. This was an “Art Of The Deal” negotiating tactic to ensure that Biden couldn’t back out of the originally scheduled 3 events. Thankfully, for voters, we will have the privilege to see these 2 guys duke it out in front of the country. It will make for some great headlines and coverage.

Although this should’ve been expected from Biden, it’s still a positive look. Now, it’s not like he deserves any praise for doing something that is expected, but at least he didn’t back out. He will be getting out of the basement to debate. If he were to back out of this stage then it’d be a really tough sell to voters that he wasn’t brave enough to meet Donald Trump in a live, unscripted setting.

If Trump is as bad as you say he is, then as the Democratic nominee as leader of the free world you have to say that to his face and argue your stance.

Between all the events to happen in the last 3 years – especially in the last 1 year – there will for sure be a lot to say between these 2. Trump will go into this arena looking to attack Biden on his record in Washington. Yet, he will also have a true record of his own to defend and argue about this time around. Joe clearly will be attacking him on his handling of the pandemic and protests across the nation.

Biden, on the other hand, will have to stand on a stage 1v1 for about 2 hours and try to maintain speaking comprehensive english. He has become infamous for his gaffes, and people will be on the edge of their seats waiting for him to say something absurd. Biden is seen as less polarizing, and he is marketed as a would-be return of “normalcy” to the White House. He’s also marketed as a vehicle for systemic change in the Oval Office. So, there is some mixed brand confusion there and I want to see which alley he penetrates harder and clearer.

But, since the pandemic he has avoided live press interactions and has mainly stayed out of the spotlight. When he has spoken it has been in smaller environments and he has tried to issue messages of unity while trashing the President. He’s also constantly attacked by the Right as not really being “there” and just taking orders from advisors and the Democratic establishment. He will have to prove that he has the mental capacity to hold it together and be a leader in a high pressured situations.

The biggest mystery to me will be who moderates these debates. The change in media landscape in terms of neutrality and objectivity since 2016 is pretty transparent. I bet there will be complaints from both sides talking about who is qualified to actually control a debate between them. We know Trump will use the media as a main point of attack towards his opposition. I’m looking forward to these events.


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