The President’s Rally And Testing

The hype that Donald Trump’s Campaign was parading last week across how many people were ~supposed~ to be in attendance at his event in Tulsa was yuge. With what was expressed to be over a million people registered to the rally, Saturday’s lead up had the anticipation to the likes of a sporting event. That was thanks to the constant coverage and media blowout, but also this being the first planned major event since the coronavirus lockdowns. But remember, this was not a sporting event, it was a political rally.

The media was dissecting the usage of masks and capacity to that of Steve Young breaking down the Bronco’s play action passing game on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, fueled the anticipation of the crowd size and overflow with both an indoor and outdoor stage at the venue. This mega-turnout was not the case. Differing factors from TikTok, to protestors, to the coronavirus played a factor in the smaller than anticipated crowd size. Yashar also does a great job breaking down the factors that led to this as well.

The fire marshal claimed on Sunday that 6200 people ended up inside the arena. The Trump campaign claims that there were more than 12000 people who passed through the metal detectors. So the number most likely lies somewhere in the middle.

Now the empty seats in the arena definitely took wind out of the campaign event’s sails, but remember this is a political rally. And after seeing the crowd that Joe Biden got for his campaign event this weekend, it really does put it into perspective as to where enthusiasm lies between the two candidates.

People who are comparing crowd sizes of major sporting events vs. Trump’s rally are really making a pathetic attempt to try and compare sports and politics. They are not even close in popularity. Sure Trump loves to brag about the crowds he draws, but he also thrives off hyperbole. That is for better or worse. People thinking they are making legitimate digs at the President because of the crowds of a basketball game are just trying way too hard.

Let the result of the empty seats speak for itself, don’t make a baseless comparison. It’s almost a credit to Trump for getting people to even think that’s the case. As some have stated in the past, Trump has broken people’s brains.

This is not me endorsing Trump or anything. I want to make that clear.

I’m just saying I don’t think there is a Joe Biden rally that could draw even close to the numbers that Trump pulled on Saturday. It’s clear which candidate draws more energy from their supporters. It’s also clear which candidate brings out more hate from his opposition. This opposition in perceptions will be one of the main underlying themes leading up to November’s election.

Trump’s campaign is also claiming to have 4million unique viewers from online streaming alone from the rally. So, that’s still a ton of numbers, especially on a Saturday night. When you give Donald Trump a mic for that long, he’s gonna say some wild things.

He addressed the ramp and water controversy which was pretty funny. The guy is so insecure and reads every headline about him. I guess you kinda have to respect it, though. Like who cares? Well he does for one. That’s why he likes these rallies because he can just vent to his base.

But still, this type of over-promise, under-deliver is killer for the campaign, and has some motifs to his tenure in office. Really this was a tough look for the Trump 2020 reelection campaign.

The biggest story to come out of what he said was him joking – but not really joking – about the amount and speed of testing that is happening in the country. The United States is currently testing about 500,000 people a day. With more testing comes more positive cases. But as cases go up it’s important to also look at hospitalizations, positive test rates, and ultimately deaths. Death’s have continued to fall since we hit our peak.

Testing is widely available. We are at the point where we have too many tests. Yes, anyone who needs a test can get one. I personally have friends who have been tested multiple times. I don’t think we should slow down testing but it is also important to note how many of these cases are less severe and even asymptomatic in comparison to the more significant cases we were seeing at the beginning of the pandemic.

So yea, coronavirus is making a comeback as I anticipated it would just 2 weeks ago. With states reopening, mass protests, and general fatigue from quarantines will lead to more cases. You just know the media is waiting for the first person to come out and say that they contracted the virus from Saturday’s rally.

The leftwing media is rooting for spikes in cases, and maybe even death, just so they can say “I told you so”. All while white washing the amount of cases contracted from protests.

The hypocrisy is blatant and frankly offensive. I think people should be free to make the decision for themselves and assess the risks of each situation knowing that the virus is still here in the country. These decisions get significantly harder when people pick and choose the facts and science that they want to present.

So when you hear all the attention that Oklahoma is getting in the next few weeks in regards to cases, just remember it has more to do with Trump than the health of Oklahomans. These people won’t do anything to help ensure the best care is being put in place in Tulsa. They’ll just ask how this potential future outbreak could affect Trump’s chances in November. Sad.

So, time will tell as to how this fiasco plays out but remember that if you need a test, you can get one. Just call a local healthcare provider or go to an Urgentcare. Practice social distancing and if you are in the demographic that is most susceptible, then be careful. Trump isn’t gonna stop doing the rallies as we take a turn towards real election season, so get used to more continued stories as to how he’s divisive and an existential threat to our democracy.

Maybe that’s true but only time will tell. Freedom will prevail because it always does. But, it’s up to us to pave that path.

Cheers and stay safe.

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