What’s Up With The Fireworks?

I keep seeing stories and videos on Twitter of fireworks being deployed on a nightly basis throughout metropolitan cities in the country. As of today Mayor Bill de Blasio has created a task force to put an end to the illegal fireworks. I’m sure he is one to be greatly trusted to carry out this operation. It’s not like the element of surprise ever played any significance in solving criminal activity.

But the big thing is, where are these fireworks really coming from and how have so many been flooded into these cities? As said in a famous police biopic, “infiltrate the dealer and find the supplier”. Seriously, they are not only dangerous but also very disruptive to the peace. Dogs hate fireworks! There are obviously conspiracy theories being thrown around all over social media.

The most notable one I saw was initially retweeted by Ida B. Wells, the New York Times journalist most famous for her 1619 Project. It was quickly seen as an irresponsible move by her when she shared this no-evidence conspiracy that the government was using the fireworks as a method of agent provocateurs for more aggressive and potentially violent policing and crime. She later deleted the tweet and even deactivated her twitter for a little while. Overall a very weird situation.

Launching fireworks solves nothing and is a direct act of amplifying the chaos and unrest that we have been seeing. People who break the law can’t continue to be allowed to break these basic laws.

But regardless, this is another example of things that just can’t continue in our cities. This will only create more unrest and people will act out emotionally. If these actions continue and it is not taken care of then more anarchy will continue to arise. As police forces are losing funding in response to the BLM movement and the Defund The Police mob, it leaves doors open for more criminal activity. These weren’t things that needed hindsight to be figured out. And fireworks aren’t even close to the worst that’s been happening in the recent days. It’s time for leaders re-establish order and make cities safe.

This can’t be tolerated and we need our leaders to retake control of their cities. No one is above the law, even anarchists, arsonists, and rioters.

Cheers and stay safe.

@jacklesser_ ||| @thoughtless44

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