New Revelations In The Russia Probe

Was Joe Biden the puppet-master to Russia-gate? Well, puppet is more likely than master. But still there was another huge development today in regards to Michael Flynn’s case and the whole Russia-gate conspiracy origins. This witch hunt took up much of the last 3+ years during Donald Trump’s presidency. It was impossible to really follow everything that happened with the National Security Advisor and how he was “working” with the Kremlin, lied to the FBI, and was a traitor and threat to the United States.

It seemed to have something to do with the Democrats and a FISA court, and then proving that the President was in Putin’s pocket. We were told there was “overwhelming evidence” of this collusion. Pundits and talking heads spent years making absurd claims that was building a basis for his impeachment.

Weird how that “damning” evidence was never made public, though.

And after an investigation that has been going on since before Trump even took office, the Department of Justice made motions to ultimately dismiss Flynn’s case. Today a federal appeals court upheld that decision. This is big news and will continue the investigations looking into the origins of this case and how the previous administration and their bureaucrats looked to spy and unseat a duly elected President.

Not many are aware of the Logan Act. This statute was implemented in 1799 and is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. This was the basis of looking into Michael Flynn and his conversations with the Russian Ambassador as he was set to become the National Security Advisor of the Trump administration. But, in order to find out that Flynn was even having these conversations it required him to be unmasked by the FBI in order to spy on an American citizen.

This law, which is a felony if committed, has only seen 2 people indicted in our history, and neither of those people were convicted. The most recent of these indictments was about 170 years ago.

But, after learning about Flynn from this unmasking, the Obama administration looked to use this Logan Act as a basis for investigating and framing Michael Flynn. A lot of these conversations and developments are being released now, and with the case being dropped it is important to be skeptical of it all.

One of those documents that was dropped today was from the notebook of FBI agent Peter Strzok. Here are those notes:

Now this is not a small release. Not only does Obama’s claim to use the “right people” have a different connotation than Susan Rice’s statement of POTUS wanting the investigation to be “by the book“, but Comey also claimed that the phone call “appears legit” even though he had no real explanation as to what was “legit”. He was acting off of emotion and disdain for the next administration.

It’s also eye-opening that Joe Biden was the one to bring up the Logan Act. He essentially let the horse out of the gate by giving this law the original basis on the investigation. Biden clearly was brought in as an integral part of the origins to this case. We should, as Americans, demand that he answers for that. I won’t hold my breath, however. This seems like a real abuse of power from the Oval Office to take down not only a political opponent, but also a US citizen. Sound familiar?

Now like I said, the Russian conspiracy is confusing and there are a lot of moving parts. It’s filled the garbage from both sides that we’ve been fed the last 4 years and it is impossible to know exactly whats real vs. fake. It is clear, however, that these investigations were not done by the book and someone needs to pay the price for it.

Be on the lookout for dominos to continue to fall.


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One thought on “New Revelations In The Russia Probe

  1. Biden plays dumb when asked about Flynn but it’s clear he was the instigator into Flynn’s investigation. Biden tried to interfere with the campaign of the opposing party. If these notes had come out sooner, the Russia probe would never have happened. What a waste of taxpayer money.


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