Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 6

On one hand I feel like this summer is already over. On the other hand it’s not even the 4th of July yet. The initial quarantines and pandemic has completely messed up my mental calendar. Time is such a construct that I might just watch Interstellar on repeat this weekend. Just Kidding it’s gonna be beautiful out so I’ll go to the beach or play golf or something along those lines. Socially distanced but not jailing myself in the confines of my home.

Also, I’m getting new grips on my golf clubs this weekend. That’s hype. I assume it will make minimal difference in my game but as least I’ll look and feel a lot better shooting a 49 on the front.

Fun fact about my golf game: I putt both righty and lefty. I literally switch off sometimes between holes. It’s kinda because I stink at both but it’s more because never figured out which is the dominant way to do it. I am right handed at everything except writing, I hold a pen with my left hand. I am also left eye dominant for archery. So, in my view both of these characteristics make sense for how I want to line up the putt. Now usually it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t go in the hole anyways, but it adds an interesting dynamic to my short game. That’s why I carry 2 putters in my bag.

Ok anyways some thoughts:

Baseball Is Back

So I wrote about my protest last week and I think it might’ve had some effect, not to brag. But finally baseball came to an agreement that will see them playing a 60 game season and extended playoffs. It’s crazy that it took this long to figure this out. What a weak showing from the commissioner. I guess the only role that these major sports commissioners have is to just be standing-heads for the owners anyways but still they really left Manfred out to dry.

I am happy we are getting a mini season though. It will be extremely stressful given all things considered. 60 games is basically 9 weeks and then the playoffs. If you blink you might find your team 5 games back in the standings with a west coast mini road trip. Talk about pressure.

Because the season is so wonky already I wish they did some type of realignment. The way that this all plays out won’t necessarily be an asterisk to whoever is crowned the World Series champ but it will always be remembered as the coronavirus season anyways so why not mix it up? They are going to be trying some other experimental things that could be good but also just seem strange, like a man starting on 2nd base if a game goes into extra innings. I’d rather baseball switch to a point system and just call the game a tie after 1 or 2 extra innings played.

I just miss Fenway park.

Baseball Needs New Blood

Baseball needs new blood from an ownership standpoint. The game has players who want to grow it and management who know how to grow it with smarter training and analytics. It seems like the owners just want to sit on their cash cows and rake in the dough.

The rumor that was going around this week, however, was the New York Mets might be getting a new minority owner. One Dave Portnoy. The Wilpons have been rumored to sell the team for a little bit of time now and there was news that came out this week that a group of Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Mike Repole, and Dave Portnoy, could be potential buyers.

That would be great for the game of baseball.

Mike Repole is the founder of BodyArmour and Vitamin Water. He’s also a very energetic and entertaining guy. He’s worth a billion dollars. So he could throw in some serious cash to be the principal owner of this team, if he wants to. Repole would be great for baseball not just because he’s smart but he could actually make the Mets a really cool brand as well. We also know he loves to win. This emotion and love for sports is something that baseball doesn’t have from its owners. Getting a new perspective on how baseball can become a more enjoyable viewing experience will do wonders for the sport that is losing national interest.

And when you couple this with ARod, JLo, and El Pres it just makes it a dream ownership group. They are all great businessmen, understand entertainment, and know what it takes to win.

Now obviously I’m a Red Sox fan but I would totally adopt the Mets as second team if this were the group that ended up actually getting the bid for the team. The avenues that they could exploit to make baseball fun again would force other teams to follow along.

If baseball knew what was good for it they would get this deal in motion tomorrow.

Motivational Video of The Week: David Goggins

Flip your mindset. Stay Hard.

Normalize Sorority Girls Not Being Instagram Story Activists

Infer said statement above to your liking. We all see it as virtue signaling, one way or the other. Clear as day. Talk about privilege.

Yeezy x GAP

Kanye signed a 10 year deal to making a clothing line for the GAP today. I haven’t worn clothes from the GAP since I was like 11 years old. That will be changing soon. GAP’s stock price rose almost 50% today after the announcement alone.

Ye is a king. This collaboration kind of reminds me of Nigo’s partnership with Uniqlo. It’ll make Yeezy streetwear more mainstream, but I bet it will also be in a more subtle way. GAP says it will also be at an affordable price, so I think that comparison to Nigo is justified. The biggest difference, however, is Kanye will remain the sole owner of the Yeezy Brand. Like I said, he’s a king.

The line is set to drop sometime in 2021. I’ll be waiting.

Switched To Spotify

I have written about my love for Spotify multiple times throughout this ongoing book of ThoughtLess Magazine. But, I finally put my money where my mouth was.

I had been using AppleMusic simply because it was most accessible to me and I signed up for it on my phone. I was always too lazy to download Spotify onto my computer because you need to be online to sign up for premium. But, I made that change this week.

It is great. Spotify has lived up to everything I expected and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for this long. The only thing that is classic is I forgot to use any of the promos for 3 months free so I guess that’s $15 that I will have given in good will to the platform. Big whoop.

Now all I’m waiting for is Joe Rogan to come out on Spotify in September. Can’t wait.

College Football Needs To Happen

I also wrote last week about how a little known football school, Indiana University, is ranked #23 on ESPN’s FPI preseason rankings. Of course this is coupled with the fact that a college football season is still very much up in the air. Need Hoosier football.

There was an article that came out earlier this week that stated that the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama would be set to lose out on $2billion of revenue if there is no football season. That’s billion with a B.

So basically, yea we need to have a football season. Figure all of it out. Figure out why England can go through a Premier League schedule and we can hardly get people in facilities.

It will be bad for the mental health of the nation if there is not football. I understand why college football is different than having NFL players potentially risk getting the virus. But please just someone figure it out.

Left Side

I got a text this morning. It said “what kind of power you got?”

If you don’t know the answer to that then look yourself in the mirror, pal. You want another reason why we need football back? Watch these scenes and then watch this movie in its totality. Sports is the only unifier we have left.

Violin Is The Best Instrument for A Solo

I was grocery shopping this week and in the Roche Bros. they were playing Funky Town by Lipps Inc.

I was taken aback when I realized how hard the violin rift went and I knew that I needed to let everyone know. So, naturally I sent out a tweet. No love though, sad. Imagine myself as the Lebron listening to Young Thug in the studio.gif. That violin goes hard, I’m serious. I recommend the listen.


I still can’t wrap my head around the 4th being next week. This will be one of the most memorable independence days of our lifetimes, I believe. There will be so much projecting from both sides of the aisle that it’ll sure be nauseating. We should just simply celebrate the good and bad of this country and work towards getting even better.

It will also be prime hypocrite season from people who have been taking the moral high ground and lecturing others about their privilege while they spend the week at their beach houses on their $75 pool floats. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have as nice of a holiday as possible as well and I will be celebrating in ways that I’m sure are “privileged” too. But, I am also not one to tell someone else how to live and why they should apologize for the fault of others.

E.L.E. – everybody love everybody. That should be the motto for the rest of the summer. Try to accept differences in opinion and not be so quick to label someone for what could simply be a misunderstanding.

Let’s use this independence day as a way to come together instead of further tearing us apart.

Have fun celebrating America’s birthday. She isn’t perfect but that’s why our goal should always be to make a more perfect union. This system has mechanisms in place in order to do that. We should focus on those.

Also, do not drink and drive.

Cheers and stay safe.

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