Chess vs. Checkers – Patriots Sign Cam Newton

It’s negotiations 101, create a no-lose situation for both sides. That’s an offer neither can refuse.

And that’s exactly what happened Sunday night when Adam Schefter broke the news that the New England Patriots were signing former league MVP Cam Newton to a 1 year deal to join the 6 time Super Bowl champions who lost their Hall of Fame quarterback in this offseason.

It’s crazy how these things go because after they signed him everyone was talking about how great of a move it is for the Pats and how it’s just classic Belichick. This is definitely true but it’s also like, where was this support for Cam the past 4 months when he was a free agent? It’s not like the Patriots swooped in and took him unexpectedly while everyone else was caught looking the other way.

But it’s the structure of this deal that really makes it appealing for both sides. For 1 year Cam gets to be coached by the greatest coach in NFL history and try to re-establish himself as a force at the quarterback position. And the Patriots take a low financial risk for a potential top 5 dual-threat quarterback in the league.

ESPN tweeted that the Patriots are the first team to lose an MVP, then gain one in the same offseason. Power moves.

Like I said this is a no-lose for both sides. Even when factoring in the QB roster the Patriots had before the signing. Jarrett Stidham is a 2nd year 4th round pick and there is no way that Belichick was going to have him go into a training camp as a presumed starter. There has to be a competition for who’s going to replace Tom Brady under center.

If Stidham does beat out Cam for the starting spot, then that’s a huge confidence boost to him as well. It proves that he can actually play. If that happens then the Pats can cut Cam for a minimal cost and let him sign as a potential starter elsewhere. Or maybe Cam will take a year like Jameis Winston to backup and learn from the best coaching in the league.

And if Cam is healthy and wins the job, then Stidham gets another year to improve.

It’s a move that has always seemed to make sense for both sides and I’m happy that they really did get to come to an agreement. It took a long time but the Patriots know they have weaknesses and Bill is always looking to improve his football team, for both the short and long term. The offense of Cam Newton, Sony Michel, and Julian Edelman has some serious potential to it. Then factor in guys like N’Keal Harry, Mohammed Sanu, James White, and 2 rookie tight ends they could have something brewing up in a post-Brady era Foxboro.

Belichick is always 3 steps ahead of the competition, and he knows that it’s the chess moves that are made to flank your opponents by creating multiple opportunities for attacks at discrete angles that can lead to the greatest results. It for sure ain’t checkers out there. @NFL, we’re still here. And we’re coming for Banner #7.

I need football back. Go Pats.


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