Larry David Is NOT Cancelled – Curb Gets Renewed For Season 11

Pretty, pretty, pretty good news. Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm gets the green light to produce what is going to be I’m sure another hilarious season of television. It’s great that LD and that cast will get to tackle today’s crazy world in their view of humor for another round of literally whatever they want to make us laugh.

There is no one like Larry David and his observational humor. He’s always right, in his mind, and that’s that. Their ability to improv and build off each other on set is what really sets this show apart. The situations he finds himself in are so absurd but also kind of make sense for who he is. And when they make jokes it’s usually that genuine laughter that connects with the viewers so effectively.

Last season he made headlines with the Latte Larry’s spite store and also using the MAGA hat to get people to leave him alone/get out of bad situations. It’s just next level Larry. Leon’s next business venture after “Gotta Go” will be something to keep an eye on too.

I also hope there’s more Jon Hamm this season. He mirrored Larry incredibly. That was so great in season 10.

It will be interesting to see how a guy like Larry takes all this unrest in society and how he will find himself in a situation that should get him cancelled but is actually just a big misunderstanding. That’s what Larry does and only he can pull it off.

We’ll be on the lookout.


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4 thoughts on “Larry David Is NOT Cancelled – Curb Gets Renewed For Season 11

  1. Just watching season 10 on you tube. Great observational humor. Can’t wait. We were scolded today that we couldn’t touch an umbrella pole in an outdoor restaurant patio due to covid. Are you kidding me? We said, “this is a LD episode.”.


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