Tik Tok Was Banned In India, Will The USA Follow Suit?

There is an update in the ongoing China vs. India Feud and India took steps to further reduce China’s foothold in the region and potentially the world. Earlier this week India passed legislation to ban 59 Chinese apps, including the globally popular Tik Tok and WeChat.

The privacy concerns regarding these 2 apps have been what is almost an open secret in society where many talk about the data being mined through these apps for the Chinese Communist Party to leverage and take advantage of. This is similar to companies like Huawei who also have serious privacy worries because of the structure and relationship of businesses and China’s government. It’s about time free nations take actions to disallow these trojan horses to pillage data and steal our information.

So of course, India is sighting national security concerns for the reasoning of these decisions. This will obviously have a huge ripple effect for both parties, and it also has consequences for those who are influencers on the app and have begun to make a living by creating content for the growing social media giant. But in the long term I believe this to be a smart move for India.

This move could also spur the United States to further investigate into Tik Tok, as prominent US Senator Josh Hawley (R) has called for. It is vital for our future and national security as an independent nation to know how US citizens’ data is being shared with the CCP and how we can deter that from happening. The allegations of cyber espionage should be looked into and dealt with accordingly.

As China grows its presence on the global theater, and continues to oppress the basic human rights of Hong Kong citizens and the Uighurs it is time that some people/nations stand up to the tyranny and free these people from this cruelty. Good for India in taking these initial steps.

If we choose to live in a globalist society, then we have to grant basic human rights to all people of this globe. That can’t be a debate. People who want it both ways are the problem and one of the main reasoning for the USA’s depleting middle class while corporations continue to grow and pay inhumane wages in inhumane conditions to their workers.

If we truly believe everyone deserves the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness then shouldn’t we fight for that across the world? Yes, we have to focus on our micro level of course. But if we choose to operate on a macro scale then we have to also think and act on that level too. That’s basically a subtweet to the NBA.

This conflict will probably continue to develop and like I said last, time it’s important we don’t lose focus of what’s going on between these two nations of India and China.


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