Is The #Unity2020 Plan Gaining Steam?

Bret Weinstein isn’t really known in US politics but he and his pitch of #Unity2020 is starting to pick up some momentum as we begin the 3rd quarter of 2020. What was initially announced on the Joe Rogan Podcast last month has now been pitched on The Hill and Fox News. It’s slowly creeping towards the mainstream as the election looms closer. As of right now, it’s shaping up to be the only true, moderate approach to the upcoming race. And it will be interesting to see if this idea can spread deeper across society and even play a big role in November. This proposal is rooted on a foundational, patriotic compromise to preserve our country and steer it back in the right direction, but it needs to move fast.

Read the White Paper here.

The main goal of this rising political movement is to use centrist candidates and ideologies from both the right and left in order to round up enough of the electorate and win the election. Aimed at ending corruption and implementing a unifying message in government, this plan can help ease a ton of the hyper-partisan tension over in Washington and restore power to the people. The idea has some flaws, like choosing the right candidates and then entrusting them with the party/country’s core beliefs, but when looking at the statistics and scenarios that Weinstein and the White Paper provide, there is a window of opportunity to really lead a 3rd party uprising and claim a victory in November.

It could also likely become a big group of swing voters that helps determine the outcome of the general election. A strong voice for the center.

Because at this point our 2 choices for the highest office is Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The dichotomy and polarization of the candidates is so obvious and toxic. The emotions leading up to this race are only to continue to rise and be more divisive in order to convince and persuade people to go out and vote for each party. Getting people to vote based on fear rather than policy and logic is unhealthy and a true threat to our democracy. There is no centrist, moderate candidate(s) that is available. It doesn’t seem like people truly believe in either candidate to reestablish peace and unity across the country either.

In a time where the undertones of an encroaching civil war 2.0 seem prevalent, we need strong leadership to focus on the real problems we face and not worry about fringe ideologies that are only further tearing us apart. We need a clear vision with a clear plan of action to accomplish it. That is what the Unity plan is looking to do.

I’m not sure if there is an actual path to the White House for this plan, but the conversation of who these actual candidates could be is a strong start. Weinstein has argued for Andrew Yang from the Left and General William McRaven from the Right to be on the ticket. Other names that come to mind for me are Tulsi Gabbard, Josh Hawley, Tim Scott, and Mark Cuban, just to name a few viable options. Either way these are interesting people and one of the best ways to at least start the conversation of what policies are most important and how do we lead America forward. The best part about choosing who these two people could be for this project is their competition isn’t too strong regardless.

Because the options provided by the two parties in power are so controversial, why shouldn’t reasonable, centrist people who want the best for everyone lead us towards the right course of action? There is nothing that is stopping a real 3rd party candidate from coming to power, especially in today’s internet and technology age. Spreading a real message of unification, regardless of race, class, or religion can re-implement the American Dream, re-grow our middle class, and help us build a brighter future. We no longer need the political establishments to manufacture candidates and positions to get things done.

I think looking at the election with a glass half full approach will help people come to a better understanding and appreciation for what we can do as a country. Using our strengths to tackle the glaring weaknesses in society can help every person live a life that was better than yesterday’s. At least Bret Weinstein is trying to do this and give an actual solution to our problems instead of just complaining. If more people begin to pay attention to things outside of what their news outlets guide them into thinking we can realize that we are much more powerful than we had thought. When our leaders fail us, on both sides, it’s up to the brave ones to try and maintain a voice for the rest. There are some who believe this is possible and are looking to work on that idea.

Freedom will prevail, it always does. But it’s up to us to pave that path.


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