The DeSean Jackson (Lack Of) Response Makes My Blood Boil

I’m not sure if what happened with DeSean Jackson over the last 2 days is an example of a double standard or just sheer ignorance but either way it is a great encapsulation of everything that is wrong in our society today. Seemingly acting without a fear of repercussion, the NFL wide receiver posted a Hitler quote on his Instagram story followed by Louis Farrakhan quotes. In 2020.

While these are clearly posted with antisemitic sentiments, the backlash that DeSean has had to deal with is nothing compared to what people have dealt with recently for saying much less. The cancel mob has decided to seemingly forgive DeSean for these remarks. He gets to claim “ignorance” to it, but that ignorance isn’t seen as him being “part of a problem”, no because that would acknowledge that there are other major problems in the world to give attention. By comparison just look at the Drew Brees’ statements and subsequent outrage.

For those who may not know, Hitler led the Nazi Party during World War II and was responsible for the genocide of over 6 million Jewish people. Louis Farrakhan has compared Jews to termites as recently as 2018. Both Hitler and Farrakhan are two of the more hateful humans in history. Yet, when they are used to show support for a modern movement someone can just claim ignorance even though these guys are of much more recent history than the Presidents who are on Mount Rushmore? I believe that is where the hypocrisy lies.

And in case you have forgot it was the American and Allied forces that came together to destroy the Nazi regime and the Third Reich. The Americans who died for that cause is who Drew Brees claimed to want to stand for during the National Anthem that is currently under siege. Brees had to apologize vigorously due to pressure from the media, players in the league, and even his teammates. DeSean is basically getting a pass.

DeSean Jackson can freely claim that the Jewish people tried to “extort America for world domination” without really any backlash from teammates or other players.

As both a Jew and a person who denounces hate, the response by the NFL is so weak, disappointing, and sad. The fact that the Philadelphia Eagles refused to even call the statement out for what it is – antisemitic – just shows that the NFL is more scared of media backlash than actually leading the change against hate. I find it comparable to Barack Obama refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorism” during his presidency. Sure you can condemn statements but until you call it out explicitly there will be no solution. If you’re not going to stand for the Anthem, NFL, then at least stand for the condemnation of all types of hate in this country. The antisemitism, even by our countries leaders, has been apparent and unchecked in recent months and is only further increasing hate and division in the country.

But instead NFL players have been silent during this issue. That is including the Jewish players as well, albeit there aren’t that many. But, I would love for a guy that I truly respect and look up to, Julian Edelman, to speak out and lead a fight against this clear unequal response to these problems.

The BLM movement has clearly shown that you don’t need to be a certain race to defend another. So why isn’t there support coming from all walks of life towards the Jewish community? DeSean’s claim to “have no hatred in [his] heart” reminds me a lot of people claiming that those who are “color blind” are also actually just racist. So clearly there should be voices, and prominent ones at that, stepping in to have DeSean give a real apology and not just an iPhone notes post.

Instead, the biggest social justice voices, like ESPN’s Stephen Jackson, are defending Jackson’s statements and completely spreading fake news and propaganda. Jackson said we are living in the most racist era of history in the world. That is just simply not true and further signaling what his intentions are with his role in the Black Lives Matter movement.

I’ve been being lectured through Instagram stories about social justice for over a month now. Some of these sentiments are fair and deserve conversations. Some are just plain stupid and nonsensical. People have spent days virtue signaling about how they are the real allies in this fight against social justice. Then why are they all silent right now? Why are they only fighting for non-citizen’s rights and not Jewish people’s rights? No stories in the past two days have been directed at DeSean Jackson and his clear antisemitic posts.

I just want these people to know that everyone can see right through their transparent attempt of proving to themselves that they are not a truly bad person.

DeSean Jackson isn’t the only person who has these thoughts and while we continue to try and change the country to better educate the oppression that a group may hold it will do no justice in doing that by tearing other groups down. Yes, it is easy to tear something down instead of build another thing up, but what is the virtue in that? We should work towards building education, wealth, health, and happiness for everyone. Everyone.

We should work towards equal opportunity for everyone and still have those opportunities be something we are all proud of. Let’s actually use our values for the good of everyone and not just one thing or person.

Hopefully the NFL remembers their core belief: Football is Family. Maybe the NFL should use their platform to spread this idea of family to the rest of the country instead of further dividing us. I think that could be beneficial for many, many reasons. I am not sure if this is the actions they will take, however. The NFL, and sports, are one of the greatest industries ever for creating generational minority wealth. That needs to be used as a way to further help heal the divide in this world. How about we come together.


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