Joe Biden To Reveal His “Buy American” Plan

Today Joe Biden will be campaigning in Pennsylvania to unveil an economic recovery plan to bring manufacturing and jobs back to the US in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The plan will look to focus on PPE, pharmaceuticals, and other medical equipment as being developed domestically and help hedge against the economic catastrophe that the pandemic has exposed in our everyday lives and economy.

This plan seems like it checks all the talking points in terms of bringing jobs and business back to the US, but Biden’s team didn’t rule out his administration rejoining TPP that Barack Obama negotiated during his presidency. President Trump pulled out of this deal largely before it even came into effect. Biden’s team claims it isn’t a priority in initially rejoining TPP but that doesn’t mean that he won’t once the dust of the pandemic settles. And of course this is all just political talk at this point so until an actual proposal is put out and policy is implemented you can only take the career politicians word for it.

“Buy American” is a similar flavor to Trump’s “America First” initiative but this time it isn’t seen as racist or xenophobic. That is the case for a few different reasons, one of them being that Donald Trump didn’t propose it. But also because Trump has mostly been proven right about how we do need to produce our own goods. We can’t just depend on other nations to have a stranglehold on our supply chains any longer.

Biden’s seemingly anti-globalist sentiments are the exact opposite of what the establishment Democratic Party has acted on mainly since the Clinton administration. The idea of “free trade” and an “open society” are driving forces for the diaspora of US manufacturing and offshoring production in exchange for cheaper operating costs and expenses.

As the Democrats try to re-claim the title of being the party for the working class, this is at least a step towards that promise. The execution, if elected, will be what everyone is watching for, though.

It will be interesting to see Trump’s response to this as he is sitting on his own “Buy American” plan from his top trade advisor, Peter Navarro. Biden releasing this strategy before Trump is definitely a point for Joe. But, Trump can also release more stimulus checks into the economy which will further help those who have been ravaged by the pandemic. People generally trust Trump more when it comes to the economy so now I think it’s important that the President continues to enforce law and order while trying to unify the country amidst all the turmoil. Getting people back to work is definitely a way to help ease these tensions, and a formal federal jobs and/or infrastructure plan could be what Trump unveils as an all encompassing solution before the general election.

I also think Trump has the Trojan Horse angle to play on Joe Biden. Prominent voices in the Democratic Party, like AOC and Ilhan Omar, are calling for radical changes to the US economy and if they have the power to control real policy in the White House then anything Joe Biden says before the election can be largely disregarded. Biden is supposed to be a centrist candidate but he doesn’t really have any initiatives that he stands for other than beating Trump. So, if those with radical ideas and some semblance of support to back it up can influence the Chief Executive, watch out. I believe Biden as a puppet candidate is not a far fetched theory.

But if Joe can continue to put out smart, working class focussed policies like what this “Buy American” seems to be then he can also continue to see his poll numbers rise. Trump was the first candidate to swing Pennsylvania red since 1988 so Biden getting those electorates back would be a start for his run at 270. When looking at the polling, it looks like Biden’s current strategy is working, but there is a long way to go before the election and as we know anything can happen. This is especially true if Trump returns to somewhat normal campaigning and he can rally in these key states like New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. These states were made infamous for when Hilary decided not to campaign in 2016 leading up to the vote.

As the summer seems slowly to be waning into the fall, we will officially turn towards election season and all the cages will be unhinged. Get ready for the next ultimate test of our democracy. The attacks will be vulgar and personal and I believe everyone’s laundry will be held out to dry. I just can’t wait for these two to get on a debate stage and see how each of them reacts to their punches being thrown at the other. It will be a bloodbath. Buckle up!


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