Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 7

Welp. My summer vacation is officially over. This Monday I will begin my 2 week virtual internship experience for Deloitte Consulting and I will once again be a working man. I’m not really sure what to expect from this online internship but I think that it will be pretty interesting to see what “life at the office” can somewhat look like as I get ready for my senior year of college and then the real world after that in a post/current coronavirus world.

I am excited to find a balance of following the news and writing my daily thoughts on ThoughtLess with the challenge of holding a job that can help to further diversify my thoughts/opinions. This will be conjoined with spring-boarding my professional career, whatever that means. It will be interesting for sure.

So with that, lets get into my thoughts for the week:

Instagram Needs To Remove Stories

So I’ve written about how I hate Instagram Polls and this hatred has morphed into just a disdain for the story feature all together. Don’t get me wrong, I still post and repost stories on my own feed but its gotten to the point where I don’t really want to anymore.

Too many people are just reposting their ideas of “activism” by putting SJW slide decks onto their stories. It’s all virtue signaling. I know that because if they truly cared they would put these posts on their actual feed for people to not just tap right through. But, that would mess up the contour of their actual filtered and edited pictures. So, instead they post their self-righteous reposts to get the idea that they are better than those who don’t. I’m sick of it.

Luckily, I discovered that you can mute stories from individuals so I can stop seeing these absurd cries for attention. This isn’t a matter of “oppressing” any group or individual. This is a matter of clear hypocrisy and inability to actually present a real argument or compromise for what they claim. My thoughts on the DeSean Jackson’s antisemitic statements laid out these hypocrisies pretty clearly.

Instagram is a toxic app. I think it’s worse than Twitter.

Josh Hawley vs. Woj

Senator Josh Hawley (R) of Missouri sent a letter Friday to the NBA talking about their relationship and business dealings with China. Hawley then reached out to Adrian Wojnarowski for comment and just click for his response.

I want to say I’m surprised, but I can’t. This attitude of blatant disrespect that our media shows our public officials for no reason other than they are of the opposite political party is clear and gross.

“Woj bomb” has been trending on twitter most of today with people trying to pretend that this is some sort of dunk on the Senator. If that were the case then Woj and ESPN would not have had to issue apologies almost immediately after. Hawley has taken these actions in stride and is looking to have ESPN’s CEO come to Washington to discuss the NBA and their national security concerns in regards to China. We’ll see what is to come.

Also, if I had to guess the only political “Woj Bomb” that Adrian Wojnarowski has ever been fine with was Obama bombing Libya and starting a civil war.

Sorry, I’ve always just been a Shams guy anyways.

Motivational Video of The Week

Sun gonna shine.


I played 3 matches of tennis this week vs. my girlfriend. I won the first match, she won the next and then the 3rd had to be retired due to her injuring her hamstring. Luckily, I was down 3-0 in games before she had to forfeit so we couldn’t decide who the true winner was. Getting out and being active, that’s what summer is all about.

She is more technically sound than I am but I think I’d win a 7 game series.

Tik Tok Is Getting Banned

I talked about India banning Tik Tok the other week and I said it was probable that the US would follow suit. A step towards that officially happening occurred today when Amazon told all their employees that they had to remove the app from devices that had an Amazon email.

I think it’s only a matter of time before this threat to our privacy and national security is removed from app stores and it becomes obsolete in the US. I am looking forward to that.

But, it will be crazy to see how all these 16-23 year olds who have become famous on Tik Tok respond to this shift in policy. Some have made careers out of this app and will need to find new ways to make content and revenue.

One of these is Josh Richards who found himself caught in all the Tik Tok beef that came out this past week. I didn’t really do anything to follow this but I do know that Josh somehow found himself on a livestream with Dave Portnoy and was very entertaining. If/when Tik Tok gets banned in the US, Richards will probably find himself working at Barstool.

Schools Need To Reopen

There is a huge debate about children going back to school in the fall. I might write a more well-thought out piece about this, but I think if you are against schools reopening then you are asking US education standards to be set back YEARS. I have talked about our failing schooling before. Not going back to school would be the greatest long-term detriment to the United States than any political policy or candidate that we have right now.

There are clear statistics and examples of privileged kids being better off with “remote” schooling than non-privileged kids and we already know the non-risks of COVID for young kids compared to those in the older demographics.

We should get teachers PPE if they need it – masks, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, etc., but they have to go back to school. If we want our economy to recover and we want our future to have a chance then we need everyone to have access to education.

We can be socially distant and we can have students be in classrooms. It has got to happen for the good of our nation.


This past week I watched Inception. Somehow I had never seen it before but at this point what does it matter because now I have.


I’m still so confused about what happened and now it’s basically just me going through every day not knowing if I’m in a dream or not. Like on Monday I felt like I was tripping.

I hadn’t been that confused from a movie since I had seen Interstellar for the first time. Serious introspective stuff. I think I could watch that movie 5 times and still probably not know what was real or a dream. Major woah.

So, with that I leave this week towards my official beginning of being a Summer Scholar at Deloitte Human Capital HRT Consulting. Coming in as confused as ever might even give me a head start on this journey because no one will really know what to expect. I hope I hit the ground running.


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