Finally The Song Of The Summer – Come & Go with Juice WRLD and Marshmello

With such a weird “start” to this summer because of the lockdowns and quarantines there wasn’t really an official song that I believe had been crowned the title of “song of the 2020 summer”. It could’ve been due to stoppages in studio recordings and also just people weren’t, and still aren’t, really going out so there wasn’t a consensus #1 song. Early in the pandemic we had songs like Toosie Slide and Me and My Guitar that made some waves. Maybe you could’ve even said Rockstar or Blinding Lights for song of the summer, but personally I attribute those more to just Tik Tok songs. None of those could really be played 3 separate times at the bar and still get people excited each time. There wasn’t anything like Old Town Road or Call Me Maybe that everyone wanted on repeat.

That was until Come & Go dropped last Friday.

And first off, Rest In Peace, Juice. He was taken way too soon and his death is one of the saddest things that I still have trouble wrapping my head around. It’s just so freaking sad.

Him and Marshmello getting on the sticks for this posthumous song is such a gift, though. Juice’s camp dropped an entire posthumous album last week, Legends Never Die, and it just further illuminates the potential that this guy had as an artist. It’s such a tragedy that he is no longer with us. Pretty much everything he touched is gold. I listened to this song no less than 50 times this weekend. Such a jam.

Juice solidifies his legacy as an absolute rockstar with this song and album and I think we should lift all capacity restrictions immediately across the country just so we can have a packed crowds head banging in unison to this song. I think it’d be worth it.

In all seriousness, the summer of 2020 will be remembered for a lot of things but I did find it strange that there wasn’t really a song that we could attribute at least for song of the summer. Not that this is the most important thing going on right now, but the idea of being with good company and enjoying great music is one of the great things of being American and the USA summer atmosphere magnifies that. Thankfully we have this small bit of normalcy back in the age of the pandemic. It’s just weird that he isn’t even here to reap all those benefits.

I’m not gonna lie I get chills in the song when he says in the song, “head up baby stay strong, we ‘gon live long”. So sad. He will forever be remembered through his music, though, and this album along with everything else he’s put out will be played for a longgggg time going forward. That is because like the album’s title, legends never die.

Also if you are ever bored, just look up Juice WRLD freestlying and he goes on for legit hours. It’s some of the craziest rapping/freestyling I’ve seen on radio. So sick. RIP, Juice.


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