Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 8

Happy Friday! It’s crazy how slow the days go but how fast the weeks are. As we all know time is relative so there is definitely some of that going on but overall it’s just the fact that we are in the absolute dog days of summer even though we don’t realize it. The news cycle is constantly churning but at the same time it has never been more repetitive. It’s quite nauseating. Especially still with no sports.

And all the chaos that is surrounding us that is covered by the mainstream news is feeling like a constant tale of the boy who cried wolf. Everything is the apocalypse until it isn’t. Everything is anything until it isn’t.

This tale is of course as old as time. People yelling from the rooftops about things and refuse to realize that the answer, or at least a potential path to that answer, is right in front of them. People refusing to partake in civil conversations because they have the “authority” to do so. It’s a gross microcosm of our world today and it needs to be eradicated. We can’t, and don’t, live in a caste system that shames down on people below them.

College is supposed to guide you to learn to be skeptical of authority and push boundaries in order to advance our society. If college was only to get a job by some big employer right after obtaining a degree, then why are some of the most successful people in our society college drop outs? Why are we charged the same tuition regardless of what our major is? If your goal as an educator is explicitly to pipeline students to a job, then you aren’t doing your job to the fullest. This archaic and dangerous mode of thinking leads to groupthink and stifling of innovation. I’m not perfect, like I’ve said, and I don’t try to be. But I try to respect everyone around me regardless of their age, gender, race, or anything in between.

If that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right. But like my initial point was, everyone should have a voice and when those who feel like they don’t continue to not get heard, it leads to unrest. Students want to be in the classroom this fall and it is on the universities and governments to look at the real data and make nuanced decisions to have the best learning experience possible. And that experience is ultimately for the students. Not what the employers view that experience as. Smh.

Anyways lets get into some thoughts:

Twitter Got Hacked

What a weird evening Wednesday was. Twitter got hacked by what seemed to be some surface level Bitcoin scheme. Some of the biggest names in the world fell subject to the hack. Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kanye West, and Barack Obama all fell victim to this cyber attack.

This story doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of play as the broader implications that this could have. I mean literally these hackers could have ruined financial markets, and maybe even governments. They could said Barack Obama was a lizard person and he was taking off the mask (after taking off his surgical one, of course).

But in all seriousness, in this case we were lucky that just a few idiots were dumb enough to try and scheme some BTC. I know some people don’t like to think drastically, but with big power comes huge responsibility and that was further exemplified with this breach of Twitter’s system.

I don’t think that twitter has done a great job explaining the situation either. You can read their update thread here. I want to know if they got into these accounts’ DMs. If that’s the case then oh boy are we in for something crazy.

It was awesome when the blue checks were locked out though. Just some good old pure fun from the regular folks of twitter. None of these self absorbed “verified” accounts trying to get in on the fun. Maybe they finally realized that not only they aren’t as important as they think they are, but also that pretty much that they really are the butt of everyone’s jokes.

If only the “revolution”, as some called, it lasted longer.

Scratch that, though, Twitter is a publisher. A Vice article that came out after the hack talked about how this could have happened and showed screenshots of a dashboard of one of Twitter’s employees. It showed that Twitter uses a tool that they have claimed they don’t have, shadow banning. These unverified pictures show that Twitter has mechanisms in place to silence certain users and topics. CEO Jack Dorsey has refuted those accusations against congress, but I haven’t seen anything from Twitter refuting the legitimacy of those photos. If they are real then Twitter should lose their Sect. 230 privileges.

It is weird that all of this went down and Twitter’s stock has hardly been affected. Very weird indeed.

Motivational Video Of The Week

Clear W. Go Pres Go.

COVID Consequences

So obviously everyone knows my thoughts on reopening schools by now. Needs to happen. Also needs to happen safely, but that safety can’t just be looked through the lens of “COVID vs. Not COVID”. There’s a huge array of safety issues.

Besides the rising number of cases, it’s also glaring that the death rate continues to fall. This is just a fact and we still don’t know too much about transmission between asymptomatic people. Some accounts say that it is extremely minimal, though.

One of the biggest problems that I hear is the argument that “COVID might have long term effects we don’t know about”.

That would be a good point maybe if the government and big Tobacco didn’t get everyone hooked onto cigarettes for the last 75+ years and still have lung cancer be one of the largest causes of death in the country. Or how they then just pivoted that marketing to get teenagers addicted to vapes.

Or the fact that everyone looks at LED screens over 10 hours a day.

What I’m getting at is everything has risk and everything we do potentially has adverse impacts down the road. That’s why we study, learn, solve, and adapt. Some things we simply don’t know and we can’t just stop living because of that. Obviously COVID is a thing but we have to start looking at all the data we have calculated and come to reasonable conclusions so we can advance society forward. Right now, we’re moving backwards.

FCC Approves 3 Digit Suicide Hotline: 988

I’d be remiss to not mention this. This is important. The FCC has changed the Suicide Prevention Hotline to just a 3 digit dial to help combat the mental health crisis we are in.

Remember to reach out to those you love and remind them that they matter. We can get through anything and we can all achieve happiness. I hope this helps someone, and I hope that we can all prosper together.


I like this site because it helps me formulate and organize thoughts. I take pride in my work by trying to come up with reasonable, knowledgeable solutions to problems that often find themselves in the echo-chamber of complaints.

Complaining help no one and just accepting the status quo is not enough.

I see too often people of leadership not provide these answers and just accept a path of least resistance. It worries me that some of those leaders most closely related to my life are in that boat. Records are meant to be broken and systems are meant to be improved. If that means you have to upgrade or invest resources into providing that, then so be it and remember why you started.

My main goal of ThoughtLess is to provide well-researched thoughts and opinions in order to give a fair view point from a 21 year old living in the United States. I want to have complex conversations and I want to work towards solutions and compromises towards these problems. We are constantly told to collaborate and value everyone’s opinions so let’s make sure that when the time to do this arrives, we don’t cower that chance.

Sometimes just agreeing to disagree isn’t enough, especially when there is a lot at stake. That is a naive approach to a puzzle and drives many more away than actually bringing them together.

Have a nice weekend.


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