Why Are We Down Playing The Twitter Hack?

I mentioned on my Thoughts Into The Weekend post last Friday the Twitter hack and what its initial impact felt like as all the verified users got locked out of using their accounts for about an hour on Wednesday. While Twitter scrambled to figure out what was going on within their walls, they had to also handle this clear breach of privacy that they fell victim to. It initially has kind of played out like a sort of joke on the website and mainstream news.

That is my bad because this story deserves much more than just a segment on my Friday blog post.

Twitter pretty clearly got hacked. Someone or group was inside and operating on their system. We’re still not exactly sure how it happened, but some more information is coming out. The Wall Street Journal put out a piece on Sunday talking about how dark web chat rooms used a perpetrator known as “Kirk” to “social engineer” his way into obtaining user’s accounts and changing passwords. “Kirk” seems to be the professor behind this hack.

The shot is the reports that say only 130 accounts were targeted. But, here’s the chaser: Twitter claims only 8, non-verified users had their personal data “downloaded” for the hackers to claim. Yea right. If you actually believe that amongst a hack that had some of the biggest, most influential accounts on the site was only used for a Bitcoin scheme then I admire the trust you put into people. Someone must have seen those direct messages and is probably thinking about how he/she should shop them right now.

In order to hack into a site like Twitter, you have to be deeply intelligent. You have to manipulate and cross levels of people in order to gain an access into that system. Personally, I can’t imagine someone who does that has only the ambition and cleverness of just $100k+ in BTC transfers. Plus, the WSJ report talks about how “Kirk” was selling the rights to active and non-active user’s accounts as well. The whole situation seems sophisticated, confusing, and multi-faceted.

If there was anyone in these chatrooms who wants to cause a serious tectonic shift in our lives, then they’d probably have reached out to “Kirk”.

Listen, I’m aware this is a conspiracy theory and obviously I don’t have much basis of proof other than what I can find on the surface as well. All I’m saying is I don’t think that someone who had access to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, or any of these other major accounts was only looking to post some tweets.

There is a history of October surprises in elections and this could be the first domino to fall that really creates a change in public opinion if the information of these hacks are really leaked and given to prominent media sources. It’s similar to the WikiLeaks back in 2016, but these DM’s could be much more interesting to read than emails. I would imagine some of the owner’s of these accounts are shaking in their boots.

I don’t want to sound crazy, and I don’t want to spread misinformation. That is not what I’m about. I will say that the lack of even attention that people are giving this is weird, however. Twitter’s stock is up since the hack. Weird. And that’s from a cyber security stance, not a “someone has the codes to take down our government” stance.

Maybe I’m wrong and maybe this isn’t a plot to distract us from the bigger things that are to come in the near future. But, just remember: anything can happen in an election year.

Cheers and Bella Ciao.

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