We Are On The Verge Of A Real Environmental Crisis – Paging AOC, Greta Thunberg, GreenPeace and Others

Remember that claim that we only have 12 years to live unless we make drastic changes to our treatment of the climate? Remember how we need to completely upend our economy to create the reforms and regulations needed to survive beyond the “global crisis” that we find ourselves in? The environment has been a talking point of elections and global campaigns for as long as I can remember. In the midst of asking leaders, “How dare you?” 17 year old climate celebrity, Greta Thunberg, claims the science regarding climate change has been “crystal clear” for 30 years, even though that is not true and environmental studies are constantly changing and adapting to new information and technologies. I’m not saying that climate change is a hoax, I’m simply saying that it, like all things, is nuanced and trying to simplify it to a one-size-fits-all approach will lead to a lot more harm than good.

But nevertheless, whether you think we have 10 or 10,000 years to live before the earth becomes a sweltering mass of destruction to the human race, there are definitely distinct actions and precautions we can take that we know will not cause harm to our environment. We know general best practices to follow so we don’t deliberately do damage to the environment. One of those is knowing how destructive the mixture of oil and water is to marine life and food chains across the globe. An oil spill is one of the worst man made disasters we can input into our ecosystems.

And most are unaware because a lot of other issues going on, but we are on the precipice of absolute destruction with an abandoned tanker boat on off the coast of Yemen holding over 1million barrels of oil that is seemingly moments away from spilling into the Red Sea. UN officials warn that if this isn’t taken care of, then this spill would be 4 times larger than the infamous Exxon Valdez spill.

Obviously, there are a whole lot of issues going on in Yemen, I will not be getting into the problems regarding their Civil War and I fully admit I don’t know a lot about the issues that are rooted in this war. But, if these environmental problems are as “existential” as we are led to believe from these climate leaders, then shouldn’t we be able to put our differences aside and solve this problem? This boat has been floating unmanned for 5 years. We’ve had time to fix it. And if this is a problem of who should receive the money once the saved oil is sold, can’t we come to a compromise? Leaders need to step up and figure this out.

Because if this boat does capsize, explode, sink, or anything of the like, then we know the carnage will be felt for generations. The entire food chain will be effected. The ecosystems that Thunberg loves to talk about will be destroyed as a result of direct, human inaction. We are still feeling impacts from the BP Oil Spill 10 years later. So, we probably should solve this issue before it is too late. Maybe some of these environmental activists should speak out. One of the largest environmental NGO’s, GreenPeace, has been silent on the subject. I’m sure they’ll have no problem profiting once the boat does default, though.

That is why I find it interesting that these environmentalists seem to be less outspoken on these tangible, preventable environmental issues. They seem to not really voice out concern about the widespread littering across the globe, and I haven’t heard AOC talk about the ending of deforestation that has even accelerated during the pandemic. There are real initiatives that we can work towards to build a more sustainable environment that doesn’t disregard a huge percentage of our current economy and doesn’t use fear mongering to gain support and compliance.

Climate change is an issue that’s hard to dispute because these problems are so complex and far thought into the future that the average person cannot really comprehend the arguments. Myself included. I have sometimes wondered that if the tectonic plates are constantly shifting, then wouldn’t that mean that climate should be constantly changing? And technically wouldn’t every day the continents are in different spots on the globe mean different reactions with its climate, that we’ve never experienced before in the globe’s history? These are just some thoughts I’ve had and probably they are wrong, but I’d love to hear why.

Anyways, this is these environmentalists’ official warning. As stated, we are running out of time. If this isn’t taken care of and this spill is unleashed into the Red Sea, then we can acknowledge that these people and groups are frauds and unwilling to actually make change. They can raise as much money as they want. They can scream from the rooftops. But if they don’t help solve this completely solvable issue? They lose all credibility in my mind. Take action, prevent a disaster.

So again, I’m calling out to you environmentalist leaders. Help take a real step to save our planet.


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