Why I Might Not Watch The NFL This Year – Goodell Has Disgraced The Integrity Of The Shield

It’s not the reason you’re thinking.

The NFL draft feels like forever ago. It feels like that point when we were so embedded into quarantine that the NFL came to the rescue by putting on their virtual draft and giving people the much needed feel of a live event. We were welcomed into Roger Goodell’s “man cave” and got to at least feel some normalcy for a weekend. It was very needed for the time and to ensure us that life would eventually return to normal in at least some capacity.

And of course during the height of all this the NFL did a fantastic job raising money for various organizations to help COVID relief and those who were/are suffering from the virus. I believe they raised over $7million in donations on their NFL “Draft-A-Thon” that auctioned off various items and experiences.

So this is what draws me to why I would consider boycotting the NFL this year. As most people know one of the experiences that the NFL auctioned off was a viewing experience of a Monday Night Football game with the commissioner in his own home. It isn’t something that I would normally have any interest in, seeing Goodell on my TV screen for more than 2 minutes at a time, but the winner of the auction was the one and only Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports.

For those who may not know, El Pres has a long history with the NFL and specifically targeting Roger Goodell. You can learn some more about this history here.

Pres knew exactly what he was doing and even bid a 1/4 of a million dollars to get the chance to sit in a room, finally, with Goodell after scolding him for years about his treatment of the Patriots, especially in how he handled DeflateGate. It could’ve been an opportunity for them to even bury the hatchet and have the NFL and Barstool begin a working relationship in the future. I truly believe it would have been a win/win for both sides.

But of course, Goodell got a “dossier” on Portnoy and he didn’t pass his “background check”. How absurd is that? Goodell is literally unwilling to sit with a guy who is often seen as one of the most influential fans of one of the most influential franchises in the league. Even if he was paying $250k. And he just ducks out of his charity so he doesn’t have to deal with the confrontation. Those who say this generation is too soft? Well, look at how the leaders of some of our biggest industries are acting when an adversary wants to converse with him. It’s a horrible example to set.

The worst part about this, is that Goodell is backing out of the experiences all together. According to Pardon My Take, Marlins Man was the second highest bidder for this prize. If Dave can’t watch the game with Roger, then at least Marlins Man should. As of yesterday, Goodell is not even willing to run the philanthropy event with him in attendance. It’s just a sad, narrow way of living. I guess Goodell lives in his own bubble and he has the freedom to do what he wants; he doesn’t need to put himself through some of this scrutiny. But then why would he agree to this deal in the first place? Like what was he expecting?

It’s such a deep act of cowardice that it reaffirms almost any and all of the accusations that Portnoy has thrown at him in the first place. He’s a puppet of the owners and has no real vision in how the league should be run other than taking his orders and complying while collecting an over-compensated paycheck.

Personally, I believe if the NFL wants remain the top sport in the US for the long run, then they should want to better connect with fans in terms of a whole NFL experience. This was a great opportunity for corporate NFL to humanize themselves and have some fun. They have seem to have blown this chance and it makes me question the true integrity of the shield.

That’s right, the integrity of the NFL shield that they love to spew about.

If the commissioner of the league can’t live up to his word then what kind of example are they setting to their fans? I hope Roger Goodell takes a hard look in the mirror and realizes the problems he’s setting up for all the kids out there who look to the NFL as inspiration.

Hank on PMT said that we can’t let Goodell live this down and back out of this. Someone has to do it. He’s right. Goodell needs to be held accountable for his disgusting display of trying to duck the event. We should demand that if it can’t be Dave, then it has to be Marlins Man.

The overall premise of this post is mostly a joke, but it will not go unnoticed if he backs out of this. The only word I can think of is coward.


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