Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 9

Happy Friday friends! What a past few weeks it has been. Not only have I officially completed my virtual summer internship but I also booked my flight to get back to Bloomington and move in for my senior year of college. Things are moving fast that’s for sure. But I’m happy about that because you know, time flies when you’re having fun. I will be back in the Heartland in 2 weeks. Can’t wait.

Many of us will look back and ask where this summer went, though. I think that’s a fair question considering the craziness we found ourselves in with no sports for so long and the inability to actually go out and enjoy ourselves for a while in normal settings. Luckily for me, I can entertain myself just with a television or computer screen and I really am then set from there. Obviously, there comes a time when you are fed up with everything and many of us reached some stage of that point over the past 4 months but it’s vital that we realize each day is an opportunity to improve. As one of my buddy’s says, “lay down a brick every day and before you know it you have a house”.


Every day we should look to improve and figure out how to expand our base in what the ultimate goal is. Mine is to deliver a fair and reasonable representation of the news and various things going on. That is my mission and I will stick to it. I don’t have an agenda other than speaking my mind and keeping people honest in regards to what important people with authority say to those who they have influence over. When I see an opportunity that I think I can capitalize on, I want to take it. That’s what we should all do to grow as humans.

So with that let’s get into some thoughts:

El Pres x El Pres

This interview will more likely than not break the internet. Seeing the announcement that Barstool was doing an interview in the Rose Garden was actually one of the bigger double takes I’ve done in a while.

I initially was like “who in the hell at Barstool is qualified to interview the President of the United States”? But I mean I always knew it was Dave. Of course it was. The $118million dollar man will be putting out this interview at a time TBA and I think it will be one of the most watched interviews we’ve seen in a while. It will for sure spark up some TAKES.

Obviously if you get a chance to interview any President you have to take it. I’m sure there will be a ton of blowback and we even saw some of it today from Big Cat. I can see why Dan is upset that he wasn’t consulted or made aware of this happening. As someone who feels like they are at that level of the company, it makes sense why he should’ve known before everyone else. In that respect he should totally be angry. But his concern that Trump would take advantage of using the Barstool platform? Does he really think Dave didn’t think about that? And does he really think that there was ever any chance that Dave would ultimately say no to that interview? People who are upset with Pres taking this chance to interview Donald Trump I just don’t really understand.

Dave Portnoy is in the content business. He makes content. He has said repeatedly that he will talk to anyone at any time. He wanted to debate AOC just about a year ago. He just wants to grow the brand and grow his image. He has taken steps to grow Barstool and it seems like there are those within his company who are trying to pull him down.

That hunger and drive that has literally led Dave to the White House Rose Garden should be envied by his employees, not condemned. Maybe you disagree with his overall politics but he has never done anything of record to suppress anyone at Barstool’s work because of their opinions or beliefs. Anyone can do or talk about anything. Not enough people at the company are defending Dave in that respect. That is the beauty of Barstool as a platform. I just feel that the people who have been given that privilege have really taken it for granted and are often scared to grow in the ways that Dave has. He has literally pivoted from pizza reviews to gambling to unboxing to day trading to then interviewing POTUS in just 5 months. That is talent, innovation, and fearlessness. With that he continues to grow his audience and the Barstool brand while everyone just rides his coattail.

Obviously there are others in the company who are pulling some weight as well. Dan in particular. It totally makes sense why he is mad that he was left out of the discussion, but he shouldn’t be mad that he wasn’t involved in the decision. And this idea that Barstool has stayed out of politics is just wrong and shows a clear left wing bias. Dan said himself that he had the chance to interview Joe Biden, and he made the decision not to do it. That was his choice. I’m sure Dave would’ve wanted him to take that interview. It goes both ways.

This interview will be polarizing that is for sure. I can’t wait to tune in.

(Actually it dropped before I finished writing this, so watch the interview here, here, and here)

Twitter Is So Weird

So I’ve talked a few times about Twitter getting hacked last week and how it seems like no one is talking about it. I think just from a privacy and cyber security standpoint this should be a much bigger story than it is. That doesn’t even have to do with the fact that Twitter is putting out numbers of different accounts that were totally compromised as a result of this hack that seems to have spread from the inside out. We’re only supposed to believe that 130 verified accounts were targeted and of those only 34 had their DM’s downloaded. Ok.

I think it’s also strange that Twitter’s stock pretty good week. There was a point Thursday when it was up almost 10% amidst news that their revenue and ad base was falling. But, they are increasing user base. So, I guess it’s a longer term approach.

I also find it funny that they took steps to censor QAnon accounts across the site. This clear attempt at censorship is being done in the name of “community guidelines” and “harassment” at various people who are theorized to be involved with child sex trafficking. Chrissy Teigen found herself in the mud with all this after deleting over 60,000 tweets the other week. One of the queen’s of cancel culture seems to have gotten her way.

So as Twitter allows narratives from public officials that are saying former Directors of National Intelligence are collaborating with Nazis they won’t allow people to ask questions about some seriously questionable things that some people have said in their past.

This is totally their right and Twitter can do whatever they want to do but I think it’s time to seriously consider them losing their sect. 230 privileges. Then I’m sure their stock will take a hit.

I’m An Investigative Journalist

So I wrote a piece this week about a graphic and study about the vulnerability that COVID plays to college towns across the country. I didn’t really start this site to be a journalist and I don’t consider myself one. Nor do I want to be one. But this study for various reasons caught my eye. It is fake news at its finest. And that’s not because fake news is necessarily just false information being spread. It is the manipulation of context and statements to manufacture a certain response. This study knew exactly what they were doing with this headline citing “vulnerable college towns” just a month before schools open.

I understand that this graphic was part of a study that was ultimately shared on Yahoo Finance and most people don’t turn to that source as one for medical studies. But, the study in itself didn’t do anything to curb that belief and they simply hit publish knowing that it would get the response that it did. It was vague and disgusting.

So I asked the questions and I got the answer. I’m happy I did, but like most fake news narratives the apology is a lot less loud than the initial response. So, the study did ultimately change the headline of their article, but that is still not the case on the much bigger and wider reached Yahoo Finance site. The graphic went viral to accounts that have thousands of followers. That damage is done.

Yet, ultimately they did fix it which I guess I can say thanks. You can read their statement here. Also, SmartAsset, I fixed your fake news graphic as well. Feel free to share:


Motivational Video Of The Week

Kanye West

I love Kanye. I love his music, I love his style, I love his personality. He came out as bipolar a few years ago and I think it’s incredible that someone who is so successful has been so transparent about his mental health and further raises awareness about how we are all going through things that not everyone may know about.

Maybe he is crazy, but that doesn’t mean what he says is necessarily crazy. Tucker Carlson did an interesting piece talking about that earlier this week. Kanye is speaking his mind, and that is definitely refreshing for a change.

Dave Chappelle, the realest dude to ever live, took notice of Kanye’s tweet storm and actually got on a plane to visit Kanye in Wyoming. That’s awesome and signs of a real friend.

And when thinking about what Kanye might be going through, just watch this clip of Chappelle talking about his experiences around very wealthy people and Hollywood elites. It’s eye opening stuff.

I hope Kanye is well and I hope that everything works out in how he envisions it.


This summer was strange. It’s pretty much over in my mind. We are full swing getting ready for the fall. I can’t wait. We will have to adapt and we will have to take chances to maximize our livelihoods. That’s life. Period.

I will be back in Bloomington trying to save its economy I guess.

But seriously appreciate everything we have and our ability to use various platforms to try and have a voice in this world. Everyone if they work hard can and don’t be afraid to take a jump.

I hope that we can continue to make strides of being better because that’s what I want to do everyday.


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